10 Quotes From Serrat To The World In Crisis

Joan Manuel Serrat is a unique artist and her unforgettable quotes are proof of that. This Catalan singer has been able to sing the poetry of others and also to create his own with the same fluency. His production is moving.

Serrat is the son of a working class and an anarchist father, and as a result he is accustomed to looking at the world from a critical perspective. He calls things by his own name, not twisting or twisting when talking about things. Continue reading the article and discover several gems of his wisdom that will give us an idea of ​​the purpose of life.

Serratia has been praised throughout her life, from  her nine glorious degrees all the way to the applause of her audience on five continents. He has a great character and a rich imagination that many generations have enjoyed. As a tribute to him, we have selected some of his most memorable quotes.

Serrat’s quotes about life

Many of Serrat’s quotes urge us to discover the true meaning of life. Take, for example, this:  “Everything is ready, water and sun, but if you are not present, no miracle will happen.” This invites us to create, using all the potential around us.

Another quote from the purpose of life goes like this:  “Without utopia, life would be just an exercise for death.” He believes that utopia is what really makes a difference in our lives. How can we build a utopia? Another of Serrat’s quotes tells us,  “I know what I’m looking for, because I know what I’m feeling.”

a woman enjoying freedom

Interpersonal relationships

There are numerous quotes dedicated to love, and they are the most well-known of Serrat’s quotes. However, we have decided to choose those quotes that talk about relationships on a general level. Like this:  “There is no guidebook: the world of knowledge and human relationships is full of unimaginable events.”

In this next quote, he is talking about something that seems to have completely disappeared from our society: commitment. He says,  “I still believe in commitment. I have believed in it my whole life. And I have never abandoned the idea that man is the lord of his own future. ” It’s really interesting to see how he combines the concepts of destiny and commitment. The latter defines the former.

The next quote we should always remember. He talks about the true sense of humor, and how it is present in our relationships. He says,  “There are people who think that when they laugh when a disabled person falls, they have a good sense of humor. We should laugh when we fall, because then we have a lot more fun. ”

A fan of life

This is the most beautiful of Serrat’s quotes:  “I would rather love than win, experience rather than hurt, win rather than lose, kiss rather than fight, dance rather than boast, and enjoy rather than abstain. I would rather fly than run, do rather than think I would do, love sooner than I would, and take before I ask. Above all, I am a fan of living. ” 

It’s beautiful how she connects to the sensitivity of life. Feeling is about living. The true heart rate of life is measured in passion, emotions, and feelings. The deeper they are, the more powerful life is.

man at sunset

Familiar and different

This quote helps us reflect on the fight against any intolerance:  “Familiar things are nice, different things are stimulating.” And how true this is. Everyday things in life give us security and balance, a sense of “being at home”. Different things instead make us sit and pay attention. They encourage us to do things differently and open our eyes to what is new.

Serrat says,  “My impression is that we are writing a single song in life. The same song. Unless you deceive your own story. ” This means that each of us is built at an early stage on these basic ideas that define us. From now on, we can make changes, but always using the same inner essence.

It would be great if…

One of Serrat’s quotes tells us,  “It would be great if there was nothing busy in our lives, if we never ignored the need, if we had the intention, if we experienced life without the need for praise and only told the truth if we were paid with goods, if we were treated always well and if we could always laugh to the fullest. ” 

the boy laughs

As in many of his other sayings, here too he urges us  to re- evaluate  the idea of ​​spontaneity and a genuine connection to the world and reality in order  to find the child we all carry within us. The carefree and generous side of us who lives within all of us and is constrained by our hectic lives, selfishness, money and all that makes us do calculations before we let ourselves go and indulge in the pleasures of life.

There are many other great quotes from Serrat, these are just a small foretaste. When we listen to his music or read his words, it seems that nothing is lost and that everything has a purpose. Entire generations have loved his way of describing reality. Without a doubt, he is one of the greatest troubadours of our time.

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