10 Quotes On Restarting

10 quotes on restarting

Time and time again, life brings us back to the seashore, where there is only confusion. When we move forward in one task and realize that it doesn’t work at all, it would be better to return to the start screen or when we face the ultimate loss of a loved one or a dream or an enjoyable reality. At the moment, we are helped a lot by quoting a fresh start.

In fact, the words “beginning” and “end” are the structures of our minds. Every minute of life we ​​start and end something. Both biologically and psychologically, we are always moving forward. There are always changes, and perhaps only two extremes, where we can really say that something begins and ends in the absolute sense of words: when we are born and die.

Life is like a football game: “it’s not over until the referee blows the whistle one last time”. Therefore, it is never too late to start over. There are many examples of people who did this, even at a well-developed age, and they succeeded. Many of them left us a legacy of beautiful quotes about restarting. For example, this statement by CS Lewis:

You repeatedly encounter situations where you have to decide whether to start over. It is not easy to accept that something important has ended and that one way or another everything has to be left behind. Starting again requires courage and also motivation. That’s why we’ve found 10 quotes on restarting that can fill you with strength when all roads are closed.

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Quotes about restarting

There are times when we face insurmountable losses. This happens when someone dies or leaves permanently. Also, for example, when we lose our job, the property we need, or a lot of money. In those situations, we feel that we need to start over and also do it from scratch.

The hardest part is taking the first step. It means accepting a loss and starting a new path. It requires determination, courage and energy. That is why we often hesitate to choose a new path. However, it is important to remember some of these quotations left to us by great philosophers about restarting:

Fear is our biggest enemy when we try to start again. It is normal. At this point, however, it is worth remembering the great quotations left to us by the great thinker Joseph Campbell about starting again. He warns us that the dangers are sometimes just in our imagination. Often the most valuable thing is found just on the other side of our fears. This quote from Campbell sums it up:

Restart after failure

There are situations where the need to start again is not due to loss but primarily to failure. Like if you started a new business and everything started to go wrong until it reached a point where it seemed impossible to continue.

Failure leaves a mark on our self-confidence and our desire to succeed. It’s not easy to gather the energy you need to try again. Then the great condensations of wisdom of great persons give strength. These are some of them:

We need courage to admit that we have failed. We also need courage and strength to understand that failure is not final. On the contrary: mistakes are great teachers who help us grow. We must learn to turn mistakes into a source of wisdom.

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Starts and decisions are relative; restarting is always possible

The concepts of starts and decisions are very relative. Life has its cycle. In winter, everything ends, just to start again in the spring. This is beautifully expressed in this quote from Lao Tzu: “What the caterpillar calls in the end, others call it the butterfly”.

That is what we are, the eternal end and the infinite beginning. One way or another, nothing starts or ends. What happens are the processes in which functions lead to other functions. Pedro Alborán reminds us of this in a quote:

Finding the strength to start over helps us believe that trying again is worth it. Life requires that we can grow. Experiences and knowledge of living skills can only be gained through life. And new paths are an invitation to feel the pulse of life. We renew ourselves and discover new realities. Just as Mark Twain pondered:

the hands of windmills are butterflies

Let us not forget that nothing lasts forever. The rest and the losses are a part of life. Sooner or later, we face the need to start again. In these moments, it is possible to correct mistakes, adjust actions and set goals. Starting from scratch always includes a magical feeling of a new opportunity.

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