10 Ways Of Thinking That Make Life Harder

10 ways of thinking that make life more difficult

In this article, you’ll notice how these 10 negative ways of thinking that make your life even harder can stifle your cognitive skills.

Sometimes life seems more complicated than normal, and in many cases, our minds make us see things this way. It’s because we have certain mindsets that make life more difficult.

We cannot always be separated from, for example, toxic people. Sometimes we also have to face moments of great loss or difficult situations. If everything is already complicated, it is important that our way of thinking does not complicate matters further.

Mindsets that make life more difficult

Many people have developed a strong attachment to negative emotions. It makes them suffer more than they need to. In fact, it is the way terrible spiritual things begin to form.

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A mindset where everything revolves around you

While you may find it tempting to think that everything revolves around you, it’s not true. If you have a self-centered perspective on things, you may end up making your life even more difficult.

Don’t expect people to respond to your posts immediately or give up everything just to please you. It is called the spotlight effect and has been studied at Cornell University. It has been found to be harmful and painful.

All or nothing mindset

This is another way that will eventually become your enemy. There are few things in the world that are either black or white. The extreme way of thinking, then, is a source of frustration.

According to a study by Waseda University, an all-or-nothing mindset creates irrational expectations that lead to very annoying results.

Procrastination instead of making important decisions

The University of The Case Western Reserve researched procrastination and found that it is not always our enemy, given that it helps reduce our stress levels momentarily.

However, when you need to make an important decision, it is normal for you to feel fearful. In these situations, procrastination will only eventually feed your anxiety and deter you.

Continuous complaining

It is a different thing to complain about something in particular than to complain about something constantly. If you make complaining a permanent habit, it loses its meaning. It can become a nightmare that can make changes in your brain that encourage you to focus only on the negative sides.

Neuroscientists at Yale University showed that people who often suffer from depression or are furious have a lower level of neural regeneration. It’s as if their brains are slowing down over time.

Irrational expectations

Just as seeing the downsides in everything is not a good thing, nor are unrealistic expectations. A certain positivity keeps our heads up, but too much positivity only leads to disappointment that can lower our self-esteem.

If we have very high expectations, we will probably feel frustrated if we do not meet them.

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Other ways that stifle our cognitive skills

In addition, there are other ways that make life more difficult for the simple reason that they stifle our cognitive skills:

  • Chewing. It’s not good to go through frustrating events over and over in our heads. This tends to lead to mental turmoil.
  • Guilt. Feeling of excessive guilt or shame prevents you from releasing your feelings. They therefore become distractions.
  • Excessive thinking about control. If you stop analyzing every moment someone rejected you, you become yourself the worst critic, which is detrimental to your self-esteem.
  • Concern. It’s important to take care of some things, but try not to make it that way. If you focus only on worrying, you can drift into a negative mental state of mind.
  • Constant comparison of yourself with others. It’s not good to focus more on other people’s lives and accomplishments. Strive to be better every day and use others as inspiration.

Some habits will help you be effective and happy.  However, you should eliminate those mental habits that attack your well-being and prevent you from achieving your goals.

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