3 Ingredients For A Good Life

3 ingredients for a good life

Sometimes we want to pull over some stages of our lives; remove them from the history of our lives because it seems that we find only bitter memories, failures, mistakes in it. They are situations that hit us too early, opportunities we didn’t notice, or loves that progressed in a way we couldn’t approach.

Learning about the decisions we make and taking responsibility for them allows us to feel free throughout our lives. It all starts with accepting ourselves. However, our society constantly makes us question our choices, making us think that we are always wrong or that we are not “good enough”.

When this happens,  we may be victims of our own negative beliefs. Beliefs that we have created ourselves and cherished. Thoughts are like rain, they easily find the weak points of our strength in order to poison us in order to deny ourselves. And denying our time is also denying ourselves.

Our lives continue to boil slowly with a small flame (sometimes a larger one) with many of the ingredients we gradually throw in our pots to our liking. If you want your life to taste good, you can try to throw in these three ingredients when you remember:

“What good is repentance if it doesn’t wipe out anything that has already happened. It is better to repent than to change. ”

– Joseph Saramago –

1. Be proud of yourself

It is common to confuse loving yourself with yourself and being content with your actions to have a great ego or selfish nature. It may also be that you meet people who are trying to make you feel inferior to you. However, never forget that you have everything you need to be proud of yourself.

When we talk about loving, respecting, and caring for ourselves, we do not hurt anyone but contribute to the further development of our lives. Therefore, it is important to throw away repentance after it has healed. We can learn to live perfectly, without ties to the past.

2. Be the one to take the initiative

How often we have been warned that “we are too determined or prescriptive”. Taking the initiative will help us take action and take the first step, while others are still thinking. Taking this first step is often a wise decision, otherwise it will often be decided for us.

Remember, there is nothing wrong with being the person who created the first “movement”. There is no more liberating experience than getting what you want without having to wait for others to act first. If you want something, let it burn. Direct your journey on the path that leads you there and understand that  making mistakes and apologizing are as natural things as being right and celebrating. 


3. Taking care of your expectations

We usually prefer what is familiar. Therefore, we think too much about possible scenarios. It also happens in relationships and with the people we love.

Often these “preconceptions” don’t come true as we hoped and we start creating feelings that aren’t very positive. We regret it or we feel like we have failed with someone. Remember that this is the problem of the person who creates these expectations and not the one who should meet them. The most important thing is to take care of what we expect from ourselves,  not what we expect from anyone else.


Whether it’s about feeling proud, meeting the expectations you’ve created for yourself, or not disappointing those you love  when you make a decision, always do it with your heart. That way, you may still feel remorse later but it won’t be bitter. It even comes with a sweet and mischievous smile brought about by the adventure you experience.

Life does not cease to be an adventure, it is the only and most unique. It is an adventure to which you have been invited and for which you have been given many resources so that you can live it wonderfully.

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