3 Things That Should Never Be Broken: Trust, Promises And Hearts

There are three things we should never break: trust, promises, and hearts. If we think about it, there are only a few things in life that are equally valuable. They are the key to growth. They make us feel like we are part of something, part of other people. If they crumble, we are left with nothing to stand on.
3 things that should never be broken: trust, promises and hearts

Social psychologists and sociologists today often believe that many people are related to other people according to a “risk mitigation model”. This means that some people avoid too deep and personal relationships so that they do not become offended, betrayed or frustrated – and thus do not risk breaking their hearts.

The emotional energy we try to “save” by keeping our feelings within us only creates a foundation for bad bonds. Result? Disposable relationships that come and go and never get deeper than the surface. In other words, we try to minimize the cross from becoming offended; we settle for harmless relationships instead of happiness. However, do we want to live in such an icy entrance hall? Is it really worth it to not let anything genuine germinate and get caught?

We must not forget that we are genetically “programmed” to trust other people.  We need it and we need it with all our might. In a way, our survival has always been dependent on the individuals that make up our inner circle.

No one wins if we can’t trust each other. We can only do this by sharing resources, energy and goals, being bold and open with our feelings, adopting a positive attitude and insisting that there are three things that should never be broken: trust, promises and hearts.

The heart should never be broken.

Things that should never be broken

Rebuilding a lost trust is one of the most complex, fragile, and challenging things anyone can try. As a child, you may learn that there are certain things you should not break. Perhaps because they are expensive or old and irreplaceable, or simply because broken things can no longer be used.

Less often, we are taught that there are other things that break more often even though they cannot be seen or touched. In fact, certain invisible things can break, like the bones in our body, and for some reason their healing takes much longer. By this we mean trust, promises, respect and love.

The eyes of some children learn early on not to see these values, for so do their parents. Feeding uncovered promises to a child leaves its mark. Big k asvaminen without trust my parents to leave permanent scars.  Things like this often shape our behavior and the way we treat others.

The little boy is annoyed.

The human heart

There are still many qualities in our brain that we do not understand. One such is how people’s reactions to trauma can vary. Other people develop a state of permanent helplessness, as if in chronic stress, where strong, happy relationships are unlikely. However, others approach life with an attitude that makes them emotionally strong.

Others may have drifted forward with their broken pieces in the past. But now, even though they are broken, they understand that only those who dare to trust boldly are worthy of trust themselves.  Some people never forget their promises. They hold on to their fingernail teeth because they know all too well how much being deceived hurts.

These indomitable, radiant people also understand how precious the heart is. But they also never forget how fragile it sometimes is. How frightening it is when love falters when it is fed lies and doubts, manipulated and disguised deceptions.

Women and birds.

He who speaks the language of trust…  who understands the meaning of promises… and who knows how to listen to other people’s hearts without damaging them… such people give and deserve an echo. They are entitled to the same treatment. They make the world a more respectful – and happier – place to live.

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