4 True Friend Features

4 true friend features

Friends form a pillar of support that will last a lifetime. One could even say that they are our life partners, and in difficult situations they do their best to help us. Research also shows that an extensive and stable social support network prolongs life expectancy.

“Love consists of a unified soul in two separate bodies.”


Sometimes, however, we begin to question our friendships in our own minds. What is the difference between true friendship and friendship? What makes him unique in this person, why does he feel like my soulmate?

According to Robert Rowney, chief psychiatrist at Cleveland Clinic’s Department of Mood Disorders, there are certain qualities that differentiate true friends from other people we know.

So how can we distinguish friendship from friendship?

4 true friend features

1. They encourage us to accept ourselves

We often tend to be overly critical of ourselves, and this is often not very constructive. Rowney thinks one of the qualities of a true friend is that he knows how to encourage  us even in our most negative moments. According to him, “people feel better when there are people around them who provide support and encouragement when needed”.

True friends

2. They tell us when we are wrong

True friends have enough self-confidence to make it clear that they only want our best and are not afraid to tell when they think we are making a mistake. None of us are perfect, and our friends have the ability to notice the mistakes we make and help us learn from them. “They are able to show us the things we are good at and the things we do (too) often and are able to give us the best possible support in both cases.”

Too much tact can be detrimental. “If it’s a new acquaintance or someone you’re not very close to, he’s probably not afraid to say anything that might make you mad. A true friend, in turn, will tell you what you need to know. It is extremely important to have friends who dare to be outspoken. ”

A true friend says it all

3. You can count on their help and support

One of the finest qualities of a best friend is that he is always ready to give you his support and take care of you when you need it. “A true friend also thinks of your needs as their own needs, ” Rowney notes.

If you want to test this in practice, sometimes try to pay attention to whether your friend uses the phone or puts it silent while they are with you. A study conducted in the UK in 2012 supports the theory that the presence of a mobile phone takes our attention elsewhere, even if we are with two someone. Your best friend won’t let their phone come in front of you.


4. They listen to you with their hearts

Many of us have a bad habit of trying to turn a topic into ourselves when talking to others. However, a conversation between good friends is not a one-on-one conversation or a mere chatter about one’s own affairs.

A true friend listens

Open dialogue provides more opportunities to strengthen our relationship with another person. Indeed, Dr. Sacco confirms that the key to a balanced conversation between two people is that both parties genuinely pay attention to what the other is saying.

HuffPost Healthy Living continues along the same lines: “People who are good at listening, as if validating another person’s feelings. They can show the other that his words are really meaningful and worth listening to. ”

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