5 Leadership Lessons From Game Of Thrones

5 leadership lessons from the series Game of Thrones

George RR Martin’s awesome fantasy book series  The Song of Fire and Ice , as well as HBO’s television series Game of Thrones, which matches its visual form, offers several lessons about leadership. Leadership can be difficult to teach, especially when the theme is quite nuanced, and the requirements it imposes are situation-dependent and case-specific. In any case,  fables and fiction often offer us a great opportunity to try to explain it.

Leadership is a trait that we all need to practice and put into practice at some point in our lives. It’s just as important to supervisors and business people as it is to teachers and parents  who need to educate their children.

If you’ve read books or watched the series, then you’ve identified these 5 awesome leadership lessons, and hopefully you can also start applying them in your own life to achieve your goals.


1 – Keep your promises and pay your debts

During this series, you will hear on several occasions from the mouth of anyone Lannister, especially Tyrion: “Lannister always pays his debt.”

In general, the fastest way in life to lose people’s respect,  or whatever power and influence you may have, is to make a promise you can’t keep and leave your debt burden unresolved.

The best way to earn people’s respect and trust is to build a reputation for yourself as a person who keeps his or her promises and pays his or her debts at all times.  Lannisters go even further: they remind everyone of this. Undoubtedly a great lesson in personal marketing.

2 – Be consistent in your decisions and do what you need to do

A significant leader does not hide when it comes time to make difficult decisions, and does not leave it to others to do what needs to be done. “He who counts the judgment should wave the sword,” said Ned Stark.

Managers spend a lot of time in trenches, working hard and making difficult decisions. Because, as Ned says, “A leader who hides behind hired wheelers will soon forget what death is.”

3 – Leadership is not donated, it is earned

“Anyone who has to say they are a king is no real king,” said this mighty saying by Tywin Lannister, patriarch of the most influential family in the Seven Kingdoms. And this is a great lesson about what leadership really means.


The best leaders are followed by a collective desire,  not because they declare “ I am the boss ” or “ I am ordered here.

If you are a leader, act accordingly. Earn people’s respect by working with them.  The influence and power you achieve will only be effective if it is deserved and based on mutual respect.

4 – When chaos and problems arrive, there is only one direction out: forward

Problems are challenges that give you the opportunity to improve your performance.  The real leader appears in the figures when problems arise, ready for dawn. In the whirlpool of chaos, the true strength of a leader reveals himself.

Effective leaders are not frustrated by challenges. Instead, they use challenges to prove themselves.

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