5 Things That Very Intuitive People Do Differently

5 things that very intuitive people do differently

Steve Jobs said that ” instinct is very powerful, more powerful than reason.” And he wasn’t wrong. In fact, he and other great thinkers have shown that instinct is a powerful tool, especially in today’s world. Even Albert Einstein said that “the only thing really valuable is instinct”.

Basically, our instincts protect us. It allows us to make decisions based on emotions. It’s like a kind of radar that warns of imminent danger or unrealized opportunities. It is a lighthouse that guides us in life.

While we all have this innate ability to make decisions based on instinct, not everyone knows how to connect with their inner voice. So it’s no wonder that often those people who listen to their hearts in the face of a difficult decision do things differently.

Be true to yourself – follow your instincts

Instinct plays an important role in our daily lives. Many of our decisions have been made on the basis of instinct, rather than common sense. So mostly we simply follow our instincts, without thinking about it. Often we also combine both sources of information in our decision making: both instinct and reason.

But when it comes time to make important decisions, especially those that run counter to established social and cultural norms, we need to listen to our instincts. Very intuitive people choose to be true to themselves and follow their intuition. This is of great importance to everything that comes after that.

Do very intuitive people then make better decisions? Do they do better because they follow their instincts? There are definitely more than one way to answer this question. Following an instinct does not mean that your decision is absolutely right.

What follows from listening to your own instincts is a greater sense of control — not about the circumstances, but about yourself. In the end, presumably, making the right decision does not guarantee anything. The difference is that as you listen to your instincts, you know you are the determinant of your own destiny, the master of your own decisions.

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What do very intuitive people do in different ways?

Most people admire very intuitive people. We admire their freedom, their self-confidence, and the impact these factors have on them. So if we all have an instinct, why don’t we follow it?

Is it scary? Don’t we trust ourselves enough to listen to our inner voice? Are we so crazy that we can’t do what we think we should be doing?

How can we begin to trust our instincts? How can we make our instincts flourish? We can start by observing and analyzing very intuitive people. By applying their actions, we can gradually find our hidden inner self. We can express those inner thoughts that guide us.

Very intuitive people listen to their inner voice

Very intuitive people do not ignore their instincts. Instead, they listen to them and use them to help them make their decisions. Many are skeptical of this kind of action, but people who hear their inner voice bright and loud know they can’t resist it. They are not trying to silence it.

The big difference is that very intuitive people don’t care if someone sees the whole “inner voice” as the bustle of crazy people. They listen to it in spite of everything, whether it was something quite simple or acting against everything and everyone’s will. In some cases, it can mean the difference between life and death.

This is interesting because most people have experienced a situation where listening to instinct helped them in some way. The matter may have been something small and irrelevant. Or it’s just been a little push in some direction, and this has saved someone from some big thing or brought a great opportunity ahead.

Very intuitive people need solitude

In order to listen to the inner voice successfully, very intuitive people need peace and solitude. Only then will they be able to develop their inner strength. Only then do they hear themselves. For this reason, such people are usually quite introverted.

This need to be alone, to listen to themselves and to feel their own energy is due to their need to tune into their own feelings and perspectives. Through meditation and / or spiritual practice, such people are able to close their ears to the noise of the outside world and focus on their inner consciousness.

So it makes sense why highly intuitive people tend to have less “brain fog”. They have learned to sit in silence only with themselves. They feel comfortable in their own company.

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Very intuitive people notice everything around them

One of the commonalities of very intuitive people is that they pay attention to their environment and experience other people. Just as they pay attention to their inner world, they also look at the outside world with their heart and eyes open. They are able to connect deeply with others because they have already learned to connect with themselves.

In fact, very intuitive people have a special ability to understand the feelings of others. They also know in advance what these want to say. This is how they understand each person on an individual level.

Very intuitive people are also very creative

If we are really attentive, we find that throughout history, many of the great artists, politicians, and scientists who changed the way we see things have been very intuitive people. Their creativity, inspired by their instincts, made them do things differently. They asked different questions and came up with surprising answers.

This instinctively inspired creativity makes very intuitive people feel alive, free and useful. In this sense, they know that feeding creativity makes life force flow through them. And this in turn feeds the instinct.

Very intuitive people rely on intuition

Scientists have found that the gut is like any other brain. This is because its wall is covered by a large number of neurons. But very intuitive people already know that there is wisdom and instinct in their stomachs. Most of us have experienced this, but we may not have been able to listen to it or have preferred to ignore it.

It is good for skeptics to point out that some experts believe our instincts are more effective in decision-making than logical thinking. This is according to a study by scientists at Boston University, Rice University and George Mason University.

The truth is that intuitive people don’t care how fast the world moves or what other people think or expect. They take the time to listen to their inner guide.

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We live in a world that values ​​logical reasoning rather than emotional reasoning

It’s not easy to be a very intuitive person, especially when instincts defy norms and “logical explanation”. Sometimes more, sometimes less. But it does not matter. In one way or another, relying on instinct and its consequences means swimming upstream.

Doing things right is something we’ve heard since we were little. But who says there is only one right way to do something? Perhaps “doing things right” is responsible for the misery of the modern world.

You can do things logically or follow your instincts. What does your instinct tell you to do?

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