6 Ways To Clear Your Mind Before Going To Bed

6 ways to clear your mind before going to bed

Do you have trouble falling asleep? Do you feel like your mind is always full of different useless things when you go to bed? Do thoughts spin in a circle in your head as you try to get your sleep caught?

Both body and mind need rest in order to be well. However, no matter how tired we are, falling asleep doesn’t always want to succeed. It’s hard to fall into a restful sleep if stressful thoughts bother your mind or you’re constantly thinking about what’s to come.

To sleep really well, one must be able to free the mind from all the thoughts that revolve in the mind. Listed below are a few helpful tips to help make this easier.

Imagine your thoughts disappearing

If your thoughts stop you from sleeping, try to imagine them just coming out of your head. Imagine that next to your bed is a large basket into which you throw all the ideas and thoughts spinning in your mind. These thoughts don’t go away completely, they wait for you in the basket the next morning.

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Regular meditation has many benefits, including better sleep and a calmer mind. Daily meditation will help you slow down at night your head inside the throbbing rush of thoughts. Start meditating by focusing on your own breathing and relaxing both your mind and body. This will help you prepare for sleep.

Tell yourself to “come back later”

The thoughts that haunt us at night are like little kids wanting attention. Just like young children, thoughts can be very tenacious, as if they are afraid of being forgotten or left unattended.

If the same thoughts come to your mind over and over again, promise yourself that you will return to them tomorrow; that you will not forget them, but you will give them the attention they deserve. The next section tells you how you can keep that promise. 

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Write down your thoughts

When our thoughts have no way out, they stay in our minds and rotate in a circle. Let them flow so they can leave your mind. One way to do this is to write down all your thoughts.

Sometimes it can be about simple things, like something you don’t forget to do the next day. It could also be about work-related issues, such as an idea for a new project, or some change you would like to initiate. However, thoughts can also be emotions that need to be expressed: for example, the pain you experience because of something you go through.

Whatever it is, don’t let these thoughts stop you from falling asleep. Write them down and let them go so they will leave you alone. Writing things down may not help solve your problems, but doing so will give your mind time to calm down and recover from the stress of thoughts that plague your mind.

Sleep routines

Some habits, like reading, help us fall asleep. Reading helps us clear our minds and forget the thoughts that gallop in our heads. If you used to read often at bedtime, reading will automatically send a message to your brain that bedtime is approaching. This in turn will help you fall asleep.

Staring at the phone or any backlit device, on the other hand, makes falling asleep more difficult, whether it’s reading or something. So avoid using your cell phone late at night.


“Mantra” is Sanskrit and means “mind” and “liberation”. A mantra can be a syllable, a word, a sentence, or even a longer sentence that takes you closer to a state of deep focus when repeated over and over again.

If the mantras are recited thoughtfully, carefully and focused, they can be very effective. However, simply repeating mantras is not enough, we must also focus on their purpose.

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