7 Questions That Can Change Your Life

7 questions that can change your life

Sometimes we can’t find the answers because we don’t know how to ask questions. We go on an adventure to ask big questions on general and in-depth topics, but in the end we don’t get anywhere. For example, by asking, “what is the purpose of my life?” can make you even more lost.

Big questions lead to big answers, but there is a difference between “big questions” and “inaccurate questions”. The latter are more difficult to answer because they involve too many variables at once and lack the fences to delimit them.

Therefore, forming questions in the right way is already a way to move closer to the answer. Next, we’ll show you 7 questions designed for you, evaluate the way you live and determine if you’re on the right path, or whether it’s time to stop and start moving in a different direction. This is not a test of any kind, so take your time to answer them.

1. What would you change in your life if you were told you would die in ten years? Huge question!

Boundary experiences change the lives of many people. This is not happening for no reason. In general, we live as if we were eternal. We completely avoid the idea of ​​death, despite the fact that we know the fact that it is the only certainty we have of our future.

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Remembering that everything will end, all things that are really important to us will appear brighter to us. For this reason, by daring to answer this question honestly, we are able to draw in our minds a new hierarchy of our priorities that will make us happier.

2. What advice would you give to a newborn baby?

Think long and hard about this question before answering. In this answer, you summarize a lot of what you’ve learned since your heart started beating. It will be like a summary of your experiences and what you have achieved with them.

The interesting thing is that after thinking about this “capsule of your wisdom,” it is meant to become consistent with the advice you would have given to an imaginary newborn. Are you already practicing these principles or should you start now?

3. If it didn’t depend on the calendar, what age would you call yourself at the moment?

Age is a very relative concept, even though it’s always about ticking the box every time we say how old we are. In the strictest definition, from the moment we are born, we have a child, a young person, an adult, and an older person.

Most of the time, however, only one of these takes precedence in our current lives. That’s why the real question is: how old are you really? How do you feel about being that age?

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4. What was the biggest mistake of your life and how did you solve it?

This position we take when we feel we have made a mistake is one of the most revealing elements of who we are and how we go through our existence. Both the mistakes and the way we solve them provide important keys to better understanding ourselves.

Thinking about your mistakes, figuring out which of them was the biggest in your life, you can surely find you leading to your biggest weaknesses. In terms of solution, you will be able to visualize the dynamics you usually use when you face difficult times.

5. What would you like to do but not do because you are afraid of being convicted?

The gazes and opinions of others can be powerful conditioners to hinder your actions. Sometimes this is healthy and it simply shows that we have achieved a healthy level of adaptation in the environment in which we live.

In other cases, behind the conditionality is a great fear of being convicted. We do not act in accordance with the respect we actually have for something we believe in, but rather on the basis of fear of what others may say. The answer to this question will bring you closer to your repressed feelings.

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6. What are the 5 things you have done this year that you will remember for the rest of your life?

This question will help you assess whether you are really living up to your essential goals or whether you are overwhelmed by your daily routine. The essential goals are not those that involve mega-projects, but those that involve essential aspects of your life.

If you were able to make this list relatively easily, you will surely live in an intense way. On the other hand, if you were having trouble finding these five things, maybe it’s time to look at your way of doing things. It is possible that you have forgotten yourself.

7. What job would give you complete happiness? If that’s not what you have now, why not?

Everyone should have a goal to do the work they love. Work is one of the pillars of our survival, but also of the pillars of our mental health. Therefore, much of our well-being comes from our working lives.

Maybe it’s time to think about whether you really do what you love. Are you really in the field you like? Are you on your way to the job you really want? Or have you just adapted to a job you don’t really want and gave up on something?

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