8 Profound And Sad Movies That Will Surely Move You

8 profound and sad movies that will surely move you

Sad movies hold a special power, and they move us, making us feel empathy for the characters. It is said that it is much easier to make someone laugh at a movie than to cry. Connecting with viewers isn’t easy, but it can feel awesome when that happens.

Your eyes will take you into the lives of the characters in the film for a couple of hours. You feel the same things as what they feel. You shout when they shout and events move you when they move. The magic of movies lies in the fact that they are like activating factors of your own whims that are played by people on the big screen.

Sad movies also put you in the shoes of other people who suffer and experience adversity. The end is not always happy. But they teach us why it’s so important not to give up ever when things get tough.

8 moving, sad movies


This French film tells the story of an older married couple who face a wife’s illness. Misunderstandings, loneliness and compassion are the main themes of this film . Husband Georges has to deal with his wife’s problems and it is so difficult for him that he drifts to such a point that he no longer wants to continue living.

Frustration and pain make both him and his daughter fight for his wife. Director Michael Haneke won an Oscar in 2012 for this hit work, which we consider a film a must-watch.

Hachiko: a story of loyalty

Parker Wilson is a music teacher who will one day find an Akita puppy. Even if his wife says no, he decides to keep the dog and a special bond is formed. The story is based on true events and focuses on how loyal the dogs are to their owners. In this movie, the dog even goes so far as to wait for Parker every day at the train station.

sad movies: Hachiko

Hotel Rwanda

The genocide in Rwanda, in which the Hutus murdered the Tutsis, is portrayed in this film in a cold and objective but bold way. The main character is Paul, a Hutu who runs the hotel and who helps hide hundreds of families from persecution.

Paul’s wife is a Tutsi and both he and their daughters receive death threats. While waiting for international help, he must bribe Hutu leaders, cope with devastatingly scarce resources, and always maintain his temper to save his family.

Brokeback Mountain

Brokeback Mountain tells the love story of two American cowboys. At first, they both deny their feelings because of social conventions, but later they start a beautiful, albeit rocky, relationship. The way the film shows us how they fall in love is simple and natural, but it’s also very complicated because they’re afraid of being rejected.


This absolute film treasure, written by Roman Polanski, focuses on the life of Wladyslaw, a Polish pianist with a Jewish background. He is forced to live in the Jewish Quarter of Warsaw, where he lives an extremely harsh life and faces terrible atrocities committed by the Nazis. His love for the piano keeps him alive, giving him a chance from a Nazi officer who notices his ability.

Always by your side!

Isabel is a fashion photographer who thinks of nothing but work. She is in a relationship with a divorced man named Luke, who is constantly arguing with his ex-wife Jackie, with whom he has children in common. Their lives change completely when they find out that Jackie has incurable cancer, which means Isabel has to spend more time with the children.

Always by your side

My girl

Little Vada lives a life where he is constantly surrounded by death. His father owns a funeral home and he keeps it upright in the basement of their house. Vada’s mother died when she gave birth and her grandmother has Alzheimer’s disease. She spends quiet days with her best friend Thomas, but everything changes as Shelly steps into the patterns.

Society of Dead Poets

John Keating is an English teacher at a private boys ’school. His arrival causes enthusiasm and mystery, for his ways of teaching are not quite ordinary.  It becomes clear to the group of four friends that when he was younger, he belonged to the so-called “company of dead poets”.

Keating shows them where they used to meet: an old tree at the base of which they used to talk about poetry and express their profound thoughts.

These profound and sad films move and make you think about the purpose of life. The characters in the movies aren’t always strong or bold, but that makes them so human and meaningful. Because change, whether good or bad, is something you can never avoid in life.

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