8 Questions To Get To Know Someone Better

8 questions to get to know someone better

When we want to get to know someone better, we usually think of questions that can help us figure out what he or she is like and how he or she thinks. In this article, we share a set of questions you can ask to get to know someone better.

It is important to remember that the debate should not be turned into an interrogation. You should also answer your own questions so that the other person also gets to know you. This makes the discussion much more interesting.

Questions to get to know someone better

Let’s look at some interesting questions. They are also useful when trying to make a conversation fun:

questions to help you get to know someone better

1. If you had some superpower, what would it be?

This question may seem a little childish, but I’m sure you’ve thought about this at least once too! Superheroes are a popular topic these days, so this question is not ridiculous at all. This question can help you figure out another person’s fears and desires very subtly.

For example, if a person says he or she would like to become invisible, it may mean that he or she is shy. If he says he wants to fly, he probably enjoys freedom. On the other hand, if he says he wants to read thoughts, it might mean he’s insecure.

2. If you could only have one hobby, what would it be?

This question is good if you want to know someone’s hobbies, passions and interests. It also shows what he values ​​most. That way we can know which activity makes him happy and we can also suggest another one he might like.

3. Whose historical figure would you like to have dinner with?

With this excellent question, you can know what the other person cares about and what historical people he or she has as references and why. If a person says he would like to have dinner with Albert Einstein, he may be interested in physics. If he says he wants to have dinner with Gandhi, he may be very interested in the spiritual world.

4. What is the craziest thing you have ever done?

This may be a more personal question, but it’s a great help to get to know someone better. However, if you feel effortless with him, don’t be shy but ask away! This question can help you know what he has done in his life. In addition, it will help you determine if he is adventurous or rebellious, or if he likes more stable and predictable situations.

5. If you could travel in time, would you go past or into the future?

This allows you to dig deeper into a person’s interests. For example, if he wants to go to ancient Greece or Rome, he may be interested in the cultures of the world. On the other hand, if he says he wants to go into the future, it is possible that he is interested in the development of technology.

6. Who famous character would you like to be?

A person’s answer to this question tells you what kind of people he or she values ​​the most. He may choose an actor, a singer, a famous politician, a scientist, etc. His response can say a lot about his personality. For example, a shy person would usually prefer to be a writer or a researcher. Someone who is more outgoing can choose to be a famous singer or actor.

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7. What would be your ideal vacation?

This is a classic question to help you know about another person’s attitude toward life. Someone who is very busy in their daily lives can choose a more relaxed holiday. Or if he’s not doing much at the moment, he may prefer to want to go on an active vacation. The answer to this question probably depends on the person’s current situation.

8. What is your favorite cartoon?

This question can help you figure out what the other person likes. When it comes to comics, he’s probably talking to you about what he watched when he was a kid. This will certainly lead to an interesting discussion. That way, you can also know which fictional characters he liked when he was young.

This question can also lead to a discussion about your favorite TV shows, movies, and books. You can talk about all your potential interests, it doesn’t really matter. This question will definitely keep the conversation going and you will get to know each other much better.

These eight questions will definitely help in your quest to get to know someone better. Of course, if the conversation goes well and it goes well, ask about other things you want to know about the other person. Who knows, maybe he wants to know just that thing about you too!

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