9 Things We Should Remember About Life

9 things we should remember about life

Have you ever stopped to think about all the beautiful things and phenomena that surround you?  When was the last time you were grateful for the little things and the time you spent comfortably, the good life? It’s pretty surprising how  easily people forget what’s really important  and instead turn their attention to completely irrelevant things.

Perhaps we should get used to repeating to ourselves, over and over again, that life is beautiful with all its attempts and mistakes, and further realize that when these two are set to be weighed, good overcomes evil every time.

Woman and the facts of life

When things don’t go as expected, when you feel depressed, or the world breaks under your feet, Remind yourself of the following “facts of life”:

  1. Urgency is not the same thing as productivity.  All the people around us may seem like a whopping thousand and a hundred, but that doesn’t mean they would do anything to make their dreams come true or achieve their goals nonetheless. Running from one place to another, constantly checking your phone, or attending a tenth meeting in one day is no guarantee of any form of success… Almost the opposite! Productivity is related to concentration and attentiveness.
  2. Fear is the cause of your repentance.  Be careful with fear, it loves to kill dreams. This quiet but very present enemy will increase to an increasing extent if you allow it. Fear keeps us from taking the next step forward and facing the goals we expect. But it doesn’t stay here (as if this isn’t already a bad enough thing) because then we still end up regretting everything we didn’t do.
  3. We don’t need an apology to forgive.  If we sat down waiting for everyone to apologize, we would be angry with everyone! Forgiveness affects not only the person who is forgiven, but also the “forgiver”. Don’t forget that hostility, anger, and bitterness make us sick and prevent us from moving forward and enjoying life.
  4. You have to make mistakes in order to succeed. These go hand in hand just like a storm and a rainbow. If you never make mistakes, how can you succeed? Until you really learn to understand your mistakes, you will not succeed. Think of a scientist’s trials before he finds the answer to his hypothesis, or all the times you fell off your bike before you learned to ride it.
  5. You live by what you have built.  A similar saying goes “ it gets what space ” and this is really true. You are not a victim of your circumstances, you are not to blame for your destiny or anything else about your life and situation. Your decisions and actions have led you to where you are today. You have two options: go ahead or complain about your own mistakes.
  6. Self-esteem is maintained from within.  Regardless of how many people will tell you that ” Your hair looks so good,How great presentation piditkään meeting ” or praise you for the excellent value of the word, not any of this is irrelevant if you do not have healthy self-esteem. Take other people’s opinions into account when they are positive and constructive,  not when they are trying to humiliate you. And remember: if you do not love yourself… who loves?
  7. We are a reflection of the people around us. While it’s true that you can’t always choose the people around you (family, work, or schoolmates), you have the full ability and ability to choose who you identify with and who you don’t. Try to be with people who make you a better person, not worse;  who help and inspire you, do not belittle and make you feel inferior.
  8. Change is inevitable.  We change every day, like it or not. First, we have 24 hours more time to live today than we had yesterday. Typically, we don’t like the unknown because it makes us insecure. We stay familiar and safe because it inspires confidence in us. But this is not always the case;  sometimes change is necessary for growth and development, for moving forward and achieving our goals.
  9. Live in the moment!  There is a reason for this, that the ability to live in the moment has begun to be thought of as a gift. For this day is a real gift! And that’s the only thing you can be sure of: yesterday is gone and tomorrow is a mystery. No matter what you are currently going through,  you cannot change anything other than the present.

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