After Many Storms, I Finally Found Peace

After many storms, I finally found peace

I finally found peace, but finding it required going through many storms. Because sometimes it’s not enough to just turn a page or start a whole new book. True wisdom involves interpreting everything already written, as well as understanding that when we have inner peace, adversity is no longer a vanishingly small part of the whole.

Each of us has gone through chaotic moments, complex days, and genuinely difficult existential crises. Although the mind demands peace and quiet, the brain is immersed in a different approach. The neurochemical activity triggered by stress and anxiety disrupts this subtle balance and even prevents us from finding the harmony we need to put ourselves above the pressures created by the environment.

It is important to emphasize that when we talk about peace, we do not mean submission. Choosing a calm and calm attitude towards life’s challenges is not the same thing as giving up. On the contrary, it is the discovery of an inner harmony in which thoughts, desires, and abilities are in line with wisdom.

Finding inner peace is a skill from which we invite you to learn more.

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Finding peace in a world colored by incessant noise

In a world full of uninterrupted noise, finding peace does not happen in a day,  especially if one allows this constant noise to saturate oneself. We live in a chaotic world where we receive demands from all around us; we must be good citizens, productive workers, good  children, excellent parents, and exceptional friends.

The rhetoric that society must have on our necks,  “we must be,”  can cause our true selves to disappear completely. In  his dissertation on anxiety and depression, Jules Evans, director of the Center for the History of Emotions at the University of London  , explains that  we often limit ourselves to just improvising and losing control of our own emotions in today’s fast-paced world. We lose our sense of inner balance and move away from the roots that nourish us.

Internal peace and balance are very valuable. We are not talking about spirituality now, we are talking about health and well-being. People who do not have inner peace are stuck on an island enriched by constant noise, where they are unable to make the right decisions .  Your own restless mind can turn into a person’s worst enemy, eventually leading to helplessness, lack of control, and possibly even  depression.

We must take the lead.

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Find peace by using the philosophy of samurai to help you

One book as interesting as it is rewarding is  Training the Samurai Mind: A Bushido Sourcebook , written by historian  Thomas Cleary. In it, he illustrates the techniques used by each warrior to calm his own mind and better understand his opponent.

Obviously, we don’t have physical battles in our normal daily lives. We may not have to kill our enemies, but in our everyday days there are enemies we need to face, rule, and even plunge from power. These enemies are, of course, fear, stress, grief, and  why shouldn’t we say this out loud,  the presence or attitudes of certain people.

Below, we explain in more detail some of the strategies borrowed from Buddhism that can help you find inner peace as well.

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How to find peace in a fast-paced world

It is important to understand that our best ally to find peace and balance is our own mind. However, our thoughts sometimes cross their boundaries and become harmful. We must then turn on our heels and place ourselves  above, never below, our own  headaches, or they will take us captive.

To do this, keep the following in mind:

  • Be true to yourself. You have a set of values ​​that build your own identity. So defend your values.
  • Your feelings do not make you weak. On the contrary, they are a weapon that will help you find courage and give life to your innermost being, your own virtues, and your tenacious soul that has already endured enduring battles in the past.
  • Accept adversity. Just as samurai accept that sooner or later they must give their lives as required by the bushido, so must you accept the existence of adversity. This does not mean throwing oneself into the graces of destiny or destruction, but rather accepting them fearlessly so that you can accept the positive gift of all life when you least expect it.
  • You can train yourself to be calm. You have to work on your inner peace every day, and for this task there is nothing better than finding an hour or two of each day that you can spend in silence and balance yourself. Meditate,  or take a walk if it’s more on your mind, but whatever you do, invest time in yourself and your health will improve.
  • Work in front of your sense of control every day. You should be able to focus on what you can influence. You can and should make your own decisions, set boundaries and most importantly be determined about what you want and what you don’t want.

All of these thoughts provide you, too, with the psychological strategies you need to move forward on your daily battlefield with a more courageous mind. Because in reality  peace is not found, but it IS ACHIEVED.

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