An Adventure That Never Ends – Meeting New People

An adventure that never ends - meeting new people

An evening with old friends, an adventure in a place you have dreamed of, an endless party bridge… After all this, the question arises: are these the people I want to share my life with? If we hadn’t known each other before, would I have even made friends with my childhood friend later? Or should I meet other people to limit myself?

Many of us ask such questions when we don’t feel enthusiastic about spending time with certain friends or partners. The opportunity to meet new people is an option we should never ignore.

We believe that because we shared a sense of belonging and resemblance with some people at some point in our lives, we no longer need to meet others, but one day you will begin to become alienated from people you thought you knew. They no longer have anything to do with you, your values ​​and interests, and you no longer share the same way of reflecting on life.

Maybe it’s time to look ahead and take a risk, as meeting new people can enrich you and broaden your horizons. We don’t have to limit ourselves to our circle of friends; we can always open borders.

Walk the path of life with many people

There are people with whom we have shared our path throughout our lives. We have shared significant parts of our lives without which we would not really understand our past. The effects of their words, deeds, and even gestures have been the determining factors for us.

But for one reason or another, some  people in our district may lose, separate, or simply lose intensity from the connection they once had with us. That is the fact of life. Changes in our path are necessary and natural.

Fairy twins

So our circle of friends changes over time, as do our interests and attitudes. Therefore, the adventure of meeting new people never ends. As we ourselves change, so do the people on our journey.

Surround yourself with people who share your values, not just your interests

If you share interests with several different people, you can spend unforgettable times together, but if your values ​​don’t unite you, your time together is bland and superficial. Therefore, you should not limit yourself.

We believe that when we reach a certain age, we can no longer meet new and different people, that everything is already organized and designed according to our environment. However, it is never the wrong age to meet new people.

Don’t hang on to a relationship that no longer brings anything to your life. Don’t stay put because you’re afraid they’ll react to your distance with anger or betray you. By knowing the people who share your values ​​you give yourself the opportunity to grow, inside and out.

Life is so short that our only comfort is to share unforgettable moments with unforgettable people.

Digital time and interpersonal relationships

New ways to communicate virtually are a working instrument for creating new relationships, but we don’t realize that at the end of many days, when we shut down a computer, we’ve shut down for half a day. We feel safe, we interact even when we are tired and ill-dressed, and it calms us down.

But we are more and more aware that we are letting go of direct contact and priceless days. When I read old novels, I’m amazed at the crazy way people spent whole days communicating, even with those they didn’t like.

However, we do not have to turn to novels; before digital time we went out and every day had a chance to discover something new. It is important for us to stop and think about how many days have passed by us without anything new happening, without new activities, without coming together, simply enjoying nature.

We have also become blind in our relationships. As much as we imagine virtual relationships to be a way to connect with each other, our lives have shrunk into a small box and when we close it, it ends. Expanding our circle through direct contact is also helpful. We cannot limit ourselves to meeting people through the screen.

I want to meet people, I want to go back to life, even if it means making mistakes

Friends whisper

I’ve been through weird times, I was scared and confused, but I felt alive, and I want to experience it again. I want to get rid of this hibernation and enter a new phase where I can face a challenge.

I want to meet people who share my values ​​and interests, my opinions, my happiness and my sadness. Meeting people helps us grow and get to know the world from different perspectives, and that’s what I want.

There are many broken people in the world, waiting for a meeting and a hug to fix their broken parts. There are a lot of happy people waiting for more smiles, or sad people who would like to follow so they can help each other together. There are a lot of different people waiting to find each other.

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