Are Left-wing Thinkers Smarter?

Are left-wing thinkers smarter?

“Every single day people make their hair beautiful… Why don’t they make their hearts beautiful?”  Well said, isn’t it? These words were uttered by the famous revolutionary Marxist thinker Ernesto Che Guevara. After his death, Guevara became a cult figure, and young people in particular fell in love with his world of political thought. Many of Guevara’s thoughts and phrases are still alive today; does this have anything to do with his leftist ideology? According to a study produced by Brock University in Canada, left-wing thinking is associated with higher intelligence.

A study by Brock University on the connection between leftism and intelligence

According to a study in Ontario, Canada, people who scored low as children on intelligence tests adopted right-wing values ​​after growing up and were more prone to racist and homophobic behavior.

The researchers used data from two studies conducted in 1958 and 1970 in the UK. These studies mapped the intelligence levels of thousands of 10- and 11-year-old children, and a follow-up study asked them at the age of 33 questions about their political thoughts and orientation.

The boy thinks

The adults had to answer e.g. questions asking how they would react if a neighbor of a different race moved to the neighbor or if they had to work with a person of a different race.

Other questions focused on political ideology, such as whether punishment for offenders should be tightened or how children should view authorities.

Are leftists really smarter?

According to university researchers, less intelligent people ranked right-wing in the study because they felt safe and comfortable there.

For the creators of this scientific study, internal intelligence determines the amount of racism in a person, not education. This is also not much affected by social status.

Cognitive ability is the key to an open and tolerant mind. This means, according to the study, that people with low or very low cognitive ability are more likely to adopt conservative values ​​because they provide an idea of ​​order.

Innate intelligence

According to university researchers, innate intelligence largely influences which political direction a person leans towards. Does this mean that the right is the ideology of idiots? No way. Today, ideologies are largely mixed. Even conservative forces may have more tolerant individuals as times change.

From this study, can we conclude that North Korea’s extremist communist regime is in line with left-wing ideology and smarter than other regimes? North Korea is ruled by an iron fist and human rights violations are commonplace there – in the West, it is clear that North Korean communism is not beneficial or smart for the people.

North Korea

There are other examples in the world of states where power is in the hands of the left – however, communist rule is often on a shaky footing and is not successful. Russia and Cuba, for example, suffered under the yoke of communism in a dictatorship where the country had exactly one leader and the word or idea of ​​the citizens was not free.

It is important to keep an open and curious mind. Learning from and listening to other people is important.  Remember, you can also learn from people you consider cruel or stupid: they will show you a path you don’t want to follow and they will reinforce your own ideas.

Be sure to provide stimulation to your intelligence. Read a variety of texts, challenge yourself and leave your comfort zone. As Che Guevara said, if you can make your hair beautiful, try how to make your heart beautiful too.

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