Awkward People Or The Ability To Make Things Harder Than They Are

Awkward people or the ability to make things harder than they are

Awkward people have a problem with every solution, they disagree with everything and bring a storm when there is calm. They are arrogant and  robbers of peace. They are complex and strenuous, and we need to learn how to get along with them if we want to stay mentally healthy.

It would be awesome if we could throw such traits into our “spam folder,” a parallel dimension, to keep our own world intact. But we know, whether it’s our family, our workplace, or our group of friendswe always have to live with awkward people. 

Confucius said there  are people who seem to be rewarded for finding fault with other people. If it’s our partner or our parents, it can be devastating.

The “awkward” nature that we see as one that appears to be unstable, inconsistent, narcissistic, manipulative, and at times even psychologically aggressive is, in fact, quite nuanced.

Immerse yourself in the skill of  making things harder than they need to be.

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Awkward people or the ability to see the world from a negative perspective

We are all awkward in our own way. We all have fears and uncertainties, frustrations and anxiety. However, the main difference is that people at the extreme end of the spectrum are not capable of functional, respectful, and stable interpersonal relationships.

The most visible feature of awkward people is that they  are clearly mentally unstable. This fact itself already tells us about the underlying problems. Stiffness, inflexibility, and a constant tendency to find something wrong somewhere is the reason for this. Things are made more difficult than they need to be.

It’s important to keep in mind that awkward people may suffer from dysthymia (a mood disorder that suffers from  chronic depression ) or even a certain type of personality disorder that interferes with how they behave with others.

Sometimes, as Daniel Goleman says in his book Emotional Intelligence , when we go through stressful situations, we stop thinking clearly. We are not able to prioritize things and we begin to see them as much more complex than they really are.

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With all of this, we want to say something very simple and clear: awkward people, those with whom it is difficult to live,  may have underlying problems. Sometimes they are just men or women in need of help.

On the other hand,  we are also vulnerable to it. During difficult times, it is easy to become an awkward person.

Tips for living with awkward people

In light of all of the above, we already know that it is a good idea to be tactful for such behavior and understand that awkward people may go through difficult times.

On the other hand, some people are just  stuck with their narcissistic habits.

If you know someone like that, the first thing we should be aware of is this:  we can’t change who he is, but we can interact with him in a way that his actions have less of an impact on us.

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5 Ways to Maintain Control with Awkward People

The most obvious recommendation of all is this: take a distance. We are not just referring to “physical distance” –  which, as we already know, is not always even possible –  but to psychological and mental barriers. It’s challenging, but here are some tips:

  • We should always communicate in a convincing way. 
  • Make it clear how you feel every time an awkward person says or does something that affects you, hurts you, or bothers you. You need to bring the consequences of their actions to the table.
  • You should describe in detail what they cannot do and explain that they should not repeat a particular behavior.
  • Instead,  offer alternatives to their actions. ( Next time, don’t focus on my problems. If you have a solution or suggestion instead of criticism, it will work better. I know you can do it and I trust you will.)
  • Finally, it is also very wise to always remain calm and understand that the loss of control only makes the situation worse. Set boundaries, give yourself a safe space. 

In summary, some people tend to be awkward and make the lives of others more awkward. Trying to understand their perspective and instinct their potential need for help. Otherwise, we have no choice but to protect ourselves.

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