Bob Dylan: Biography Of The Legend

Bob Dylan is a cult musician. He converted traditional pop music into literature. He has interpreted the modern world from a perspective that amazes and touches people. One could even say that he is a living legend.
Bob Dylan: A biography of the legend

Bob Dylan is one of the most influential musicians of the 20th and 21st centuries. He has also received the most controversial Nobel Prize in Literature in history. His music is poetry and the music of his poetry; they have been milestones in popular culture in the United States and around the world. Bob Dylan is considered the forefront of counterculture.

Bob Dylan entrusted one of his biographers with the task of clarifying that he did not take his name from the poet Dylan Thomas, as many believe. According to Dylan, he was inspired by a Western series character named Matt Dillon.

Bob Dylan’s music is complex and interesting. Its roots are in rhythms as diverse as rock, folk, country, blues and jazz. But the  most fascinating part is the lyrics through which he explored social, political, philosophical, spiritual, and literary subjects. This has given him a personality in the world of music and earned him the deserved Nobel Prize.

Bob Dylan, an ordinary boy

Bob Dylan was born in Duluth, Minnesota, USA on May 24, 1941. His real name is Robert Allen Zimmerman. She comes from a Jewish family of Ukrainian descent on the father’s side and Lithuanian descent on the mother’s side. He also has a Turkish.

Dylan lived in his hometown until the age of six. At the age of six, his father received a polio and the family had to move to his mother’s hometown of Hibbing. There, time seemed to stand still.

His father owned an electrical supply store where Bob Dylan got his first job as a sweeper. At Hibbing, he also attended high school and had his first girlfriends, Gloria and Encho, who inspired him to write his first verses and poems. He also learned music and formed his first band in this city.

Significant change

Dylan attended the University of Minnesota for a while, but dropped out of his studies at the end of his first year and left for New York. There he encountered his true people, with whom he lived. He first appeared in Café Wha? at the Music Club, where he interpreted songs by his idol Woody Guthrie. In essence, it was Guthrie who inspired him with his works to make that precarious journey.

Bob Dylan learned a lot during that time, even though he didn’t succeed in the true sense of the word. He was like a mushroom: he observed, analyzed, and drew conclusions. He wanted to know everything and dive deep into every rhythm and learn more. He was also an avid reader who “devoured” Greek literature, Kant, Whitman, Ezra Pound, TS Eliot, Ginsberg, Shelley, Poet, and William Burroughs, among others.

Dylan then met John Hammond, a talent hunter with a clinical eye. This in turn introduced Dylan to Albert Grossman, the Manager who admired that talented 20-year-old. Over the next four years, they made great songs, and Bob Dylan’s reputation grew.

A unique artist

In 1965, Bob Dylan received widespread recognition. “Like a Rolling Stone” was the best song of the 20th century, according to several American publications of that year. Dylan created an unmistakable identity in the nine albums he produced during that decade. There is still no one like him.

This singer completely revolutionized traditional pop music. His lyrics were real poems and his music was a unique combination of sounds. He even raised religious topics and gained unexpected popularity with them. He achieved something that few can do: captured an audience that continues to follow him after many decades. He is still an active and remarkable musician.

The Nobel Prize for Literature in 2016 was very controversial. It was first given to a pop musician. However, most believe it was a well-deserved award. In this sense, Leonard Cohen expressed something that many people think, but few dare to say it out loud:

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