Broken Pot: A Hindu Story Of How We Can Learn To See Ourselves

Broken Pot: A Hindu story of how we can learn to see ourselves

This is the story of a man who lived by selling water in a market. He had about ten pots. Really early in the morning, he placed a pile on his shoulders. He hung the pot to hang on both ends of the pile, carried it to the well, and then left for the city center. But one of these pots was broken.

Interestingly, this hard-working man always took a broken pot with him on the first trip of the day. He carried it with the other pots in good condition to the well from which he retrieved the water. He collected the water moderately and then he walked with the filled pots for about a mile.

By the time he arrived at the market, the broken pot had already lost water from the original amount. Thus, the man could charge only half the amount of water compared to the other pots. The other pots were so full that he could charge the full price.

The shame of a fragmented pot

Later, the other pots began to discuss the situation with each other. They didn’t understand why this man still kept a broken pot, because that’s why he lost money every day. Nor did they understand why he used this pot on his first round.

broken pot

The broken pot began to feel ashamed. This pot had been with the man for over ten years, and greatly appreciated the man. It felt bad because it was just a nuisance, and it didn’t understand why the man didn’t throw it away.

The broken pot remembered that it had once been a magnificent pot, and really useful. There was nothing wrong with this pot a while ago. It was one of the best pots for this daily trip. But  one day, however, the man stumbled. This pot then shattered and became partially useless. It had been a long time since this event, and yet the man had not gotten rid of the pot.

A trip to the well

The man used to do something that infuriated all the pots, including the broken pot. Every now and then on his way to the well, the man put his hand in his pocket and threw something along the way. None of the pots knew what this was.

He later began to do this on the other side of the road as well. All the pots were really interested, but since the man didn’t do this every day, soon the pots forgot about it and their interest evaporated.

heart-shaped drop of water

The conversation between intact pots tormented the broken pot. It regretted that it was so useless and that it caused annoyance to the man who had bought it and taken so much care of it. So without thinking any further, the  broken pot decided to ask the man to throw it away.

Beautiful teaching

One night while the man was going to sleep, the broken pot called him to him and said they needed to talk. The man was ready to listen, and he paid attention to what the pot had to say.

Without further ado, the pot told what it had in mind. The pot knew the man would appreciate it, but it didn’t want to be useless. The pot did not want the man to see it as mere compassion. The man should throw away the broken pot.

The man smiled as he heard what the pot had to say. The man said he never thought of throwing the pot away because the pot was really useful to him. “Useful?” The pot asked. How can it be supposed to be helpful if a man loses money every day because of it.

The man promised to show the pot the next day why he appreciated the pot so much. The broken pot could barely sleep.

the cereal field bathes in sunlight

The next day the man said, “Please look at everything by the road all the way to the well.” The pot looked around. The pot looked to both sides of the road and saw only a beautiful path full of flowers in its bud.  When they arrived at the well, the pot told the man that it did not see anything that would answer his question.

The man looked at the pot with love and said, “Every time you broke, I tried to figure out how you would benefit. So I decided to sprinkle the seeds every now and then along the way. Thanks to you, I have been able to water those seeds every day. ”

“And thanks to you, then when the flowers bloom, I can pick up a few flowers I planted and sell them at the market for a more expensive price than water.” Then the broken pot realized what its beautiful purpose was.

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