Can Human Aging Be Stopped?

In ancient times, alchemists and today scientists around the world have tried to solve their biggest dream: they want to overcome death. We have already seen this battle between science and death in many films. In this article, we will look at what the real situation is today in the fight against aging.
Can human aging be stopped?

“I hope to die young and as old as possible.” Some researchers are trying to analyze the scientific advances associated with cell regeneration and how these could affect the aging of the world’s population as a whole. Science has in no way been able to prove that man could not break the previously assumed life expectancy of 120 years. Indeed, many believe that human aging can sometimes even be stopped altogether.

Aubrey De Gray is an English biomedical gerontologist who studied at the University of Cambridge. He strongly defends the idea that the prediction of human life expectancy may possibly be even limitless. He is confident that scientists will be able to halt human aging at some point, and will also develop a variety of ways to restore human youth.

Other members of the scientific community also support these ideas. It is entirely possible that over the next 20 or 30 years we will be developing drugs that can turn a 60- or 70-year-old person back into a young, 40- or even 30-year-old person.

Can human aging be stopped?

I hope to die young and as old as possible

Those people who will reach the age of 130 have already been born and are currently living among us. At least that is what the Spanish pharmacist Juan Carlos Izpisua claims. The publications he writes contain more than 26,000 citations focusing on stem cell biology and its evolution.

His research focuses mainly on molecular and cellular mechanics, which is responsible for embryonic development. His investments in this field have had a tremendous impact on organ transplants as well as in the fight against human aging.

A research team at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) and the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) have succeeded in developing technology to eliminate the damage that builds up in cells as a person ages. This method may help to stop and perhaps even reverse the underlying causes that lead to human aging.

This group of supporters, working under biologist Nikolay Kandul, has succeeded in finding a way to eliminate the genetic mutations that accumulate in the mitochondria, the small cell organ responsible for cellular respiration, or cellular energy metabolism. That study was published in 2016 in a scientific journal called Nature Communications .

All the DNA on which our lives on this planet are based naturally stores all information in 4 “letters,” which are  A, C, G, and T.  These are the first four letters of the four essential chemicals that are essential to human life. There are on average as many as 3.2 billion of these letters in a human cell. Tiny small errors in these “alphabets of life” within cells can lead to a variety of diseases, some of which are very visible. New developments in cell regeneration can reduce all of these disadvantages.

Can human aging be stopped one day?

Evidence that human aging can potentially be stopped can be found in some cells already present in humans that do not age at all. Such cells include reproductive cells, carcinogenic cells, and some bacteria. The most well-known cells in biology are HeLa cells, named after Henrietta Lacks, a U.S. patient with cervical cancer. Through these cells, researchers discovered in 1951 that cancer is immortal and does not age at all. Many medical breakthroughs have been made with these cells.

This new kind of concept of immortality will fundamentally change the whole essence of humanity. Since stem cells do not age at all, we can take advantage of this same idea throughout the human body.

However, there is another important time that will make its arrival, namely the year 2029. In that year we will see if the prediction given by Alan Turing comes true. This British scientist said that in the future there will come a day when a person will no longer know if he is talking to another person or if he is actually having a conversation with some kind of artificial intelligence. The tremendous development of technology is evidenced by the fact that there are already more claims of artificial intelligence that have passed this Turing test.

Each technological advance leads to new developments. Our knowledge and skills are evolving at such a rapid pace that, according to researchers, the human brain can be connected to the Internet within 10 or 15 years, perhaps even earlier. Technology will certainly also play a crucial role in reversing the aging process.

Some people even believe that our primitive ability to discuss will happen telepathically in the future. All of this is thanks to those technological advances that work “like magic”. Technology may soon already make dreams come true that we can’t even dream of yet.

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