Choose Winning Feelings

Choose winning feelings

Our inner struggle is on an emotional level. We can reinforce our feelings in the different situations and circumstances of our lives. We can focus on feeling anger, jealousy, jealousy, sadness, or pride. We can also feel happiness, peace, love, hope, humility, or generosity.

We express our feelings in very individual ways through the facial expressions, essences, postures, and states of mind of our faces. By choosing which emotions we focus on, we influence how we view life. Depending on how we approach life, our thinking and behavior takes the form of either being proactive or contradictory.

Experiencing some emotions more regularly than others can affect our state of mind and motivation, as well as our reputation and behaviors.   Choosing a positive perspective on the events of our lives results in physiological reactions that are associated with the formation of certain hormones. Examples of these are nonadrenaline and serotonin.
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Brain and emotions

Experts who have studied emotions, such as Klaus Scherer of the University of Geneva and the late Richard Lazarus, suggested that an important factor in regulating emotions is thoughts about our experiences. Abilities and mental processes, such as attention, memory, reasoning, and decision-making, help us consciously structure situations and form the best response to them. 

Depending on our cognitive abilities and capacity to regulate emotions, we are able to select the right, appropriate emotions for each situation, and so explore their effects. The regulation of emotional life consists of a series of cognitive processes that help us control our emotions.

The most interesting aspect of this field is that experts who study emotions and the brain have found evidence that we can teach our brains to regulate our emotions.  The key to this may well be in the ability of the brain to transform, in neuroplasticity. In fact, it has been proven that the ability of the brain to transform is much more excellent than originally imagined.

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Our environment, just like our behavioral patterns, can trigger a reorganization of certain brain functions. Most people can learn to change their emotions through certain techniques and therapeutic means.  This means that we have the ability to bring about change at a much greater depth than we could have predicted a few years ago.

Emotion management

We have been created from light and darkness. There is an internal struggle going on in each of us for a win or a loss. The winner depends on what we feed. We all have a life full of light and shadows, ups and downs, brightness and darkness. All of this makes us the individuals we are. We are determined by what we accept or reject, what we speak out loud, and what we remain silent about.

Only after accepting this can we begin the path of progress, learn to love ourselves, enlighten others. We can learn to turn fear, anger, jealousy, and pride into love, hope, humility, happiness, and generosity — qualities that endure in our lives in the midst of change.

Managing emotions  and developing positive emotions in the situations that life throws at us is extremely important in creating regulatory mechanisms and emotional awareness. This in turn helps us develop a positive view of life and  ourselves.

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