Develop Yourself Instead Of Criticizing

Nothing is more tiring than having to listen to someone criticize everything moving. Living in such a negative atmosphere makes us feel terrible because words and attitudes that contain criticism are like a virus that conquers our minds and wreaks havoc.

It’s better to just break away from critical people because they poison our minds and cause us to lose emotional balance. Living in peace is invaluable, so we should not allow anyone to hurt our physical or psychological condition.

One of the best indicators of emotional poverty is that a person has devoted their time and resources to criticizing others.

Happy people don’t talk bad about others

How much time do you spend each day listening to criticism? Little? It’s time  to step aside and move away from situations and people close to you that jeopardize your well-being and emotional balance.

Dedicate your time to improving yourself and your surroundings. This will serve you in two ways. You maintain a healthy attitude towards life and you can set an example for others.

The rope breaks

If, instead of criticizing others, we focus our actions and attention on correcting ourselves and our own mistakes, we will achieve the highest level of emotional well-being that can be achieved. So we should focus on improving things on a personal level so that we can earn sincerity, respect, humility, generosity and honesty.

We are not perfect and we should not try to be that. Nevertheless, it is important to maintain an ever-evolving attitude that allows us to live our lives without subjecting ourselves to the emotional states of others.

Sad apple

The thoughts of others are their reality, not yours

Some people share their opinions about us, our lives, our choices, and everything around us. They do it without asking and they are usually malicious. Their only goal is to cause annoyance, underestimate, and be malicious to others.

Usually they are people with low self-esteem who do not accept themselves and therefore find it difficult to accept others. These people give stamps that refer to their reality and they pass on the difficulties of their emotional life to others.

The most unhappy people in the world are the ones who worry too much about the opinions of others.

The woman meditates

Harm to emotional life caused by criticism

“Don’t pay attention to what people are doing or aren’t doing. Pay attention to what you do or don’t do. ”


Start the healing process of your own emotional wounds by keeping in mind that each is unique and special. You don’t need the opinions of others to live your life. You are an adult who can make your own decisions for your own life with all your might.

Look at your own feelings and feelings and  don’t be afraid to think or feel for yourself. Listen to how constant criticism and jokes can affect anyone, even if they themselves are not involved in telling them.

Don’t forget that unnecessary criticism stems from the immense poverty of emotional life. If you don’t enrich your emotional world, if you live marginalized with your own bitterness and don’t let anyone help you, you will become selfish from your emotional life. Avoid this type of behavior, keep yourself happy, and protect your inner world.

Photos: Claudia Tremblay

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