Disappointment Is A Part Of Life

Disappointment is a part of life

Quite often when disappointment hits us, we don’t feel very good about it… “Everything happens just to me,” “I didn’t expect this,” “I just have really bad luck.”

It seems as if bad things only happen to ourselves, including disappointment, which is one of the human emotions that hurts our souls the most. However,  if we view disappointment as one of the necessary ingredients that makes up the “travel backpack” of life, then we can accept these setbacks much more easily.

When a friend, partner, or family member disappoints you in some way, such as criticizing you behind your back, forgetting you during the day, etc., you need to learn to accept it.

Everyone gets these blows against their faces, not just you. People will disappoint you, just as you will disappoint their expectations… Disappointment is part of life’s multifaceted game. So why not learn how to play it?

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Disappointment is a part of life for all of us

How many times have you sat in a bar, for example, and heard an endless conversation among friends about how “It’s not quite what it seems…” “I didn’t expect it…” and blah blah blah… Influencing to go on indefinitely?

This type of conversation is usually meant to lighten our feelings, yes, but sometimes it only serves as a way to “burn ourselves to the end.” Repeatedly repeating our own disappointment and talking about how badly someone has treated us offers us no value other than “burning ourselves to an end.”

If someone has disappointed you, tell them, but don’t take on the role of victim. Don’t go through it over and over again between your ears, just like you’re a hamster on his bike, constantly running forward without getting anywhere.

Each of us has feelings of grief , anger, and sorrow when we face disappointment, but inflating them to completely disproportionate doesn’t help at all. So how can we help ourselves get rid of this bad habit?

How can we get rid of this habit?

Experiencing disappointment is a part of life. Perhaps the solution is to know how to accept disappointment  when it knocks on your door, instead of allowing disappointment to defeat itself with its weight. Below we offer some advice so that the disappointing bitter weight of lime does not take up the lion’s share of your daily life…

  • Do not inflate the object to a disproportionate size. Sure, they disappointed you, but it’s over now. If you keep talking about it and thinking about it, that snowball will continue to spin endlessly, always swelling just bigger and bigger.
  • Keep your mind busy with other things. Stop thinking about what happened. Take time for your hobbies, your chores… Leave behind that internal dialogue that is really harmful to you after all.
  • Talk about it to make you feel better, but then stop talking about the topic as quickly as possible. It’s good to lighten your heart and tell what happens to you to someone who understands you well, but don’t keep telling them the same thing over and over again.
  • Also, be sure to keep your eyes on the good things that are happening to you right now in your life . Don’t you find that you’re so careful when you avoid disappointment that when you look at them, you stop seeing all the good things that happen to you?
  • Don’t forget that there are enough good people indefinitely. You’re really pulled, obviously, but don’t break into pieces; remember that there are always good people and maybe they have already done you a favor by helping you realize that the world does not revolve around one particular person. There are endless people and good things in the world just waiting for you.
  • Remember, you make mistakes too. Maybe only others in your life make mistakes? None of us is perfect. Not the others, and neither do you. So learn to forgive them and yourself.
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Learn to build emotional balance, and don’t allow yourself to break into pieces for other people too easily. Settling comfortably in negativity does little to serve any of us… Maybe not offering more than the ability to make us unhappy…

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