Do The Right Thing Despite The Disappointments

Do the right thing despite the disappointments

It is said that it is right to forget oneself and sacrifice for others, but this is not always the case. It is possible to do the right thing by taking care of the people around you without abandoning yourself.

We can hope for pure good for all and at the same time act according to our inner voice and morals. If we do not do this, it is against our own innermost being. This in turn would damage our self-image and identity.

Some disappointments make us open our eyes and close our hearts. A certain kind of pain forces us to be more considerate, but we should never forget how to do the right thing. In a way, this idea is something we can find in the Little Prince of Saint-Exupéry: “It would be crazy to hate all those roses just because one of them stabbed you.”

You should not hate the whole world because you have experienced disappointment. Nor should we change our philosophy of life because of a few disappointments, or not even if the disappointments have rained down in the trade. You can act prudently and protect yourself with caution, but you must never be filled with anger and resentment. It’s not worth it.

I will never stop working properly even though I have been disappointed

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There is more than one disappointing story in each of our lives. Some of them hurt more than others, and some even force us to give up our innate innocence.

It is said that even the most loving heart of all is tired of being hurt, but no matter how many wounds we receive, we must never lose our ability to love the people who truly deserve it.

We invest time, feelings, dreams and hopes in our lives to achieve certain goals. Sometimes it’s about things, but sometimes again we sacrifice these for people who may disappoint us later.

When we want something really hard and lose it, disappointment and emptiness appear in our lives. Not only do we lose that relationship and dream, but we also lose part of ourselves.

The biggest danger of disappointment is sinking into hopelessness and helplessness. Someone hasn’t met our expectations or it has been revealed to be something completely different… It hurts so much that we might imagine that we will never be able to achieve the same thing again.

Often, failures and disappointments create negative emotions such as rage, anger, or frustration. Any negative emotion that we deal with chronically for a long time can change our outlook on life and it can make us doubt that there are still good people in the world.

We should never allow ourselves to slip into extremes where our values ​​are totally crushed. For when we lose our value, we lose everything. And if you lose your ability to do the right thing and start thinking that nothing is worth it, you are no longer yourself. You no longer recognize yourself when you look in the mirror.

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Practice acceptance

You should accept and internalize everything that happens in your life, whether good or bad, and you should move forward in the lightest way possible. If you hold on to the beauties, you will walk slower. If you hold on to anger, you will seek revenge. If you hide your anger, you will remain silent and lose your ability to do things right. You can no longer create happiness.

We are nothing but temporary travelers on the path of our lives. Those who walk their path in light steps without anger or resentment can enjoy their journey wisely and intactly.

We know that disappointments are not always easy to face, but we cannot allow other people’s bad behavior to get inside us and change us. We must not start thinking that there are no more good people in the world, or that good people end up always hurting.

How to get over disappointments and still trust yourself and other people

Here are some tips to help you protect yourself from disappointment in your daily life:

  • Try to live “here and now” . Focus on the present without creating high expectations for what should happen. Let the power carry.
  • Accept that disappointments are a part of life and that we should learn something from them. Don’t let them change you into something you aren’t.
  • Understand that you cannot control what others do, whether it is good or bad.  Know who and what you are. Know that doing the right thing is part of your inner self.
  • Believe in other people until they prove your faith wrong. Give yourself permission to trust.  You will find experience and nobility in your heart, and you deserve to find good in other people. If you try to get close to people while still holding on to your old beauties, you will face mere struggles.
  • Think of disappointment as an opportunity for renewal: They are experiences and show you what you don’t want to experience again. Never lose your ability to do the right thing, even if you face multiple disappointments. No matter how many times you have to crash.
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