Do You Like Bad Guys?

Do you like bad boys?

Why do we like bad boys? This is a question many women have asked themselves, especially if they are experiencing problems in their marriage because they have chosen a partner that was not good for them. And while they knew the alliance might not be a smooth journey, the attraction made more sense.

The tendency to fall into bad boys most often occurs in adolescence. We just need to look at the schools; the most popular boys, those who “get all the girls,” are most often leaders, those with traits of selfishness and narcissism.

Scientific research proves it: evil boys attract us

Peter Jonasson of the University of New Mexico in the United States led a group of scientists in a study that analyzed 200 students. The results ensured that the students who were most popular “among women” were the most outward-looking, the most unstable, the most narcissistic, and even a little uncomfortable.

David Schmitt of the University of Bradley in the United States also conducted another study involving 35,000 people from 57 different countries and came to the same conclusion. The men who were categorized as the most attractive were the “worst,” and had more “flaws” in their personality.

Psychologist Gayle Brewer of the  University of Central Lancashire in the United States also participated in this study with his knowledge. She confirmed that “bad boys” attracted women to unstable and passionate relationships. But this victory was not long-lived, as in the end women who had no psychological problems ended up choosing a good type for a balanced and lasting relationship.

There is a psychological explanation for this

From a psychological perspective, we can explain why we like bad boys. A woman’s subconscious instinct is to seek protection. Therefore, strong men with strong personalities attract us. They are selfish, adventurous, confident, have abilities to lead, and even have a tendency to be uncomfortable.

“Evil boys” have all the qualities needed for a woman’s instinct to see them as great protectors, as these are men who know how to protect themselves in life. All women have a need to be protected, even if they may not realize it. The need to “tame the beast” and change the man is also an attractive challenge for the woman.

One girl recently asked me, “What’s wrong with me? Am I a masochist? ” He always falls in love with men who are not good to him. He gives power to his instincts and he does not use his reason in romantic relationships. Although sometimes it’s not that simple. Lack of self-esteem can also make someone fall in love with another who does not treat them well, as they are convinced that they “deserve” such treatment.

Our requirements change with age

Over the years, women’s demands tend to change. They demand more, appreciate the character of the partner and want the best for themselves. Many change because they have had tough times in the past and they have learned from their mistakes. Others change because they value themselves more and are looking for someone who won’t cause them problems. With age, reason becomes stronger than instinct. As always, we cannot generalize, because there are many kinds of women in the world and each of them is unique.

What do you think? Do you like bad boys?

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