Don’t Underestimate Me, I Might Surprise You

Don’t underestimate me, I might surprise you

As the extremely popular saying goes, you never stop getting to know people, and when you think you know them, they surprise you. This is one of the most beautiful feelings you can feel for someone, except of course when you have underestimated them. So don’t underestimate people as you might be wrong.

Every human relationship needs to be renewed through learning new things, things you didn’t know before, especially so you can surprise each other. However, these findings may contain nuances that you need to be careful with, especially if you have just met a person.

Despite this, everyone has a first impression of the person they have just met. To some extent, this is completely human and doesn’t have to be harmful, it’s rather unintentional. But if your first impression of someone is negative, be careful, as we tend to reinforce our first impressions rather than prove them wrong.

Don’t underestimate me, but try to get to know me really

It is true that there are people who speak more than they think, and say more than they know. You might even say we’ve all done that sometimes. However, this is not the rule. Many of us say less than we know, think more than we talk, and notice more than we think.

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This is a defense mechanism against us being completely emotionally vulnerable with someone. And sometimes we just want others to get to know us step by step so things don’t go too fast.

For these reasons, if you don’t pay attention, you may lose the opportunity to feel great people. And if you condemn them in advance, you may be mistaken, and you will regret it later. Leave room for them to teach you things, don’t underestimate them, and don’t stigmatize them. From now on, grow healthy relationships so you can always learn something from others.

If you underestimate me, it’s your problem

It’s not good for your own inner peace to underestimate yourself, but it also doesn’t feel good when someone values ​​you less than you deserve. No one should have the arrogance to make you feel small.

If this ever happened to you and you knew how to react, you should feel good because you had that courage. And if you didn’t know how to react, the next time you remember, people who underestimate you have a problem with themselves.

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People who behave this way are likely to have low self-esteem and don’t know it. It’s the answer to their own inner predicament, and they make other people pay for it.

The smaller you think of me, the bigger I can be

Underestimating someone means less waiting for them, and then they will surprise you. You can’t really know anyone’s true limits or potential, and people who think they know can make mistakes. In fact, when people invest the least in you, you are more likely to reach your goal.

I’m tired of hearing that people can “see through others” easily. They might as well brag that they don’t give others enough opportunities to be what they first imagined them to be.

It’s common to think and stigmatize someone as unfriendly, and then behave that way toward them, and thus increase the chances of getting similar treatment from them reciprocally, reinforcing what you thought from the beginning.

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There are so many great people who do things you could never have imagined, and there are others who will give you what you need at just the right time. People may surprise you with a small detail that shows that they know you better than you thought. These are people who grow slowly but surely because they believe in themselves, even when the people around them tell them they can’t.

So don’t let people underestimate you, don’t underestimate them, and don’t forget that anyone can surprise you, because unprecedented and unexpected things are part of humanity, and therefore, part of life.

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