Embrace And Take Care Of Your Inner Child

Embrace and take care of your inner child

My inner child is still inside me, it hasn’t gone anywhere. It’s the voice I hear when I let myself be excited and free myself. He is the one who asks me to heal the emotional wounds of my past…

We should take care of our inner child. The first years of our lives, as well as the experiences we have experienced as children, have shaped our character, our values, our mental balance, and our self-esteem a lot.

These memories of early years can become shadows of fear or anxiety, or they can be happy memories of childhood with which we can grow on our path to adulthood.

Our inner child hides deep within us. We all present ourselves as adult and confident people, protected by our strong shield from this complex world. Many times, however, if we close our eyes, we know we are ignoring something. It’s something that hurts us. It makes us a wound that is not found outside our body, but inside it.

Inside each of us is a child with more or less unmet needs.

My inner child and his spiritual past

It’s possible that many people smile at the term “inner child,” or find it somewhat ironic. For many, this term means weakness, innocence, or naivety.

“Adults know everything and kids know nothing,” they think . Some, on the other hand, imagine that  “childhood is the stage of life we ​​lived with complete care and complete happiness.” 

Childhood is the time we wake up to life. The first questions flood our minds, as do the first answers. If we are then surrounded by loneliness or grief, it may prevent us from developing into spiritually confident adults.

My inner child rides an elephant

In order for a child to grow into a mature and happy person, he or she must have the opportunity to become attached in a healthy way. With one where sincere love is present, bringing security to every step and every compression. If the bond a child has with their parents is not the right kind, all of these early age experiences will affect us in one way or another.

Childhood is not necessarily synonymous with happiness or carefree. No one’s physical or mental well-being is guaranteed when they enter this world.

Being a child is never easy because we need someone else’s support to learn to walk, talk, and know that embraces and the right words can remove our fears and worries.

The request of our inner child

It is already clear that we should all understand that there is a child within us. Now it is important to know what this inner child might ask of us.

  • Your inner child may ask you to figure out certain wounds from your past.
  • You may need to find an explanation for an event in your childhood that may require forgiveness or even asking for it from another person.
  • It may also be that there is no mental problem in your past that you should solve. In that case, it is important to remember that our inner child wants us to be freer in our daily lives as well.
  • You need to give yourself permission to try to make your reality a little easier by leaving the worries and stress behind.
  • Be more spontaneous. Allow yourself to laugh a little more. Get back some of your lost innocence and thus get excitement in your life.
  • Your inner child also demands love. Love and be loved. Defeat your protest, shame, or gray adulthood and give yourself spiritual freedom.

How to improve our inner child

The process of spiritual healing requires a full and sincere commitment on our part. No one can be liberated by coercion.

It should be clear that we will not be able to solve a particular problem until we admit to ourselves that we have that problem. You are sure to find examples in your daily life…

Are you stressed? Have you lost your hope? Do you feel that despite all his attempts, your spouse is unable to make you happy? Are you missing some kind of love that you can’t define?

My inner child is playing on the roof

This little exercise for visual and emotional reconstruction can help you in many ways.

1 –  Look at the picture where you were small, about 7 or 8 years old.

2 – Let the memories come back to your mind. Wake up these years quietly back to life and feel free as these feelings and images come to mind.

3 –  Now visualize yourself with that child. You two, “you as an adult” and “you as a child” are now face to face.

4 – Ask him what he needs,  what he wants, what he needs. Ask what she is missing or what she would like so she can feel free and content.

Think about these things. It will definitely help you.

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