Feeling Of Pleasure Or Substance Addiction?

We believe we are addicted to substances. But is it a feeling of pleasure or substance addiction if the cause of the addiction is the feeling that substances evoke in us?
Feeling of pleasure or substance addiction?

Is feeling of pleasure a cause of addiction? Drug addiction is a problem that affects more and more people every day. However, the cause of substance abuse is not necessarily directly related to drugs, but to other processes. In this article, we argue that people do not necessarily become addicted to the substances themselves. Rather, we get pleasure from the way they make us feel.

To shed some light on the above statement, it is important to highlight one of the many experiments on rats, as it is quite revealing. It was done in the 80s.

Pleasure, addiction, heroin, cocaine and rats

The feeling of pleasure makes us use drugs.

In the experiment we mentioned, the rats were placed in a cage. There were two bottles in the cage: one containing water and the other containing water with either diluted cocaine or heroin. The results were the same every time, despite the rat in the cage. Each of them became addicted to drugs and drank fluids until his death. This is a formula that repeats itself even among addicted people.

However, there is a variable that we have not mentioned. The rats were alone in the cage. So what would happen if there were other rats in the cage as well? This was the beginning of the second phase of the experiment. Scientists created a small “rat park”. There was food, colorful balls, and everything you needed to have a good time.

Many rats did not drink modified water and so did rats. Thus, all the rats in isolation died of overdose, but the rats in the fun rat park did not become addicted.

Isolation and its relationship to drugs

One thing was clear with this experiment. The habitat of the isolated rats was poor and the lack of stimuli made them more prone to addiction and, consequently, to suicide in practice through drug overdose. The same goes for people. Substance abuse has nothing to do with substances directly, but with the pleasure they cause.

When we isolate ourselves from others, whether intentional or unintentional, our brains produce a substance called myelin. It causes a change in our cognitive and mental behavior, leading to depression, anxiety, and fear. We feel bad because just like rats, humans are social beings that need to connect with others.

When we are isolated, it is easier for us to become addicted. This is because drugs increase the secretion of the hormone that makes us happy, dopamine.

Drugs actually make our brains numb and help us avoid thinking. They also take us away from everything that hurts or affects us, at least momentarily. They are a form of evasive behavior.

Family history and drug use

Feeling of pleasure when rapping the phone.

Despite all this, however, we have explained why we do not become dependent on substances, but on the pleasure we get from them. We should also mention an important feature related to addiction: family history.

If our parents are or were addicted or had a toxic relationship, it is possible that we have often felt in the wrong place, ignored, and isolated.

As we already know, this is an exceptional breeding ground for drug support, as our environment is not as fun and full of friends as, for example, the rat park was. Instead, we are rather lone rats in a cage.

Many people feel guilty after falling off a trip. However, they do not realize that they are not addicted to the substance. They mostly like the feeling that drugs give them. The question is: why do they want to feel that way?

Anything that can affect you mentally can make you find a different way to feel when using drugs. In addition, you surround yourself with people who also use them because they also have mental problems and difficulties in facing situations that make them feel unhappy and isolated. Thus, it is easier to get into a nasty twist.


If addictions were caused by substances, why can’t some people be able to live without a phone or video games? So the cause of addiction does not lie in the substance, but mainly in what kind of feeling of pleasure it becomes and how it makes you forget about the problems you have for at least a few hours.

After all, addictions are just a way to escape and will stay in our lives as long as we continue to live in a nasty spiral.

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