Finding Your Dreams Is The First Step To Happiness

Finding your dreams is the first step to happiness

Famous author Aldous Huxley said that “there is only a small part of the universe that you know for sure that it is possible to heal, and that part is you.” If you agree with this statement, it is obvious that finding your dreams can be an exceptional first step to becoming happy through self-knowledge.

Following Huxley’s argument, we can conclude that  knowing oneself, in a sincere and self-perceiving way, can be a big step towards happiness .

Man in the universe

Let’s continue in our thought process according to Huxley’s theorem. To support this, we need to carry out a complex task. Let’s visualize the universe that surrounds us in enormous magnitude. An empty space full of galaxies, stars and planets of such a size that it is hard to even imagine.

The next step we propose to base the process on Huxley’s claim would be to observe our planet within this vast universe that we previously visualized. If you think about it, the earth is giant for every person, but if you look at it from a universal perspective, it’s worth less than a particle of dust in a huge desert. 

universe heaven

Among this insignificant dust particles in that vast immense…  you are. A small individual being who is aware of his existence in this uncontrolled world of biblical proportions, so that it feels completely impossible to our minds and imaginations.

Doesn’t everything feel so huge and out of control? However, here you are. With your very own conscience, fully aware. In fact, the only thing you can be sure of is your own existence. We are small but independent. Once you are aware of this, you have already taken the first step to finding out your dreams, feeling better, and finding your happiness.

“Why not respect those who have perished on the battlefield? One can show as much or more courage as one steps into the depths within oneself. ” – William Butler Yeats –

How to find your dream

To find your dream you need to explore the realm of self-knowledge. S e is so simple and at the same time very complex, getting to know yourself a little better every single day. Nevertheless, it is not as simple as we would like to think.

Canadian academician Hayakawa said that  “he who admits that he knows little about himself has a better chance of finding things for himself before he dies.” Based on this humble premise, there are two trends in psychology that can help in this complex task:

  • Self- examination Self-examination is an inward-looking exercise. With this trend, you can get to know your situation and mental state better while analyzing your emotional and cognitive processes through various psychological and philosophical aspects.
  • Evolutionary Psychology:  It consists of research that focuses on the changes that have taken place within a person throughout his or her life. Essential objects of research in this trend are reactions to the environment, spaces that become more and more complex over time, and the acquisition of additional information about oneself through the tools of science.
woman and soap bubbles

What can you achieve by finding your dream?

All the deductive processes to get to know yourself and through it to find your dreams lead us to think about motives. Can being self-aware really make you happier? Some of the benefits achieved through this complex process that can serve as guides are:

  • The better you know yourself, the clearer your motivations will be.
  • Someone who is self-aware is less manipulable. As a result, they have high self-esteem and are more confident in their decisions.
  • We all make mistakes. However, self-knowledge will help you learn from them.
  • The confidence of knowing yourself will help your relationships be more positive.
  • The confidence you have in yourself reduces the painfulness of criticism on your psyche.
  • Self-knowledge makes you feel freer no matter where you find yourself.

All this summed up, there is no doubt that finding your dreams is an important step in making you feel qualified in this infinity of the gigantic universe, which in all its infinity can sometimes be far too cold.

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