Five Characteristics Of A Practical Person

The five characteristics of a practical person

The practical person focuses on performing concrete functions and tends to achieve clearly useful goals with more or less immediate reinforcements. For people who act and think this way, because what has no value is of no use – or if there is even the slightest risk.

For a practical person, the process or method does not matter as much as the result. If the result brings benefits, it is likely that the means to achieve them are justified. For them, the abstract world of thoughts, feelings, or values ​​doesn’t make much sense. They think that if it works, so good so. If that doesn’t work, they need to examine those processes to see what has happened.

Basically, we can think that a practical person has no doubts at all, but that is not the case. For them,  concrete results are simply more justified than speculation or intentions. In some ways, they fear the latter because they know it is mere speech that never turns into deeds.

People with a practical tendency make a really relevant impact, especially during difficulties and crises. There are several situations where action matters, not guesswork or speculation. If a person experiences a heart attack, or his or her company collapses, someone needs to take action. At this point, the practical person reveals his greatest potential. They also have other interesting features, which we will discuss next.

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1. A practical person is a realist

A practical person has a really down-to-earth understanding of reality. They easily detect the key parts of a situation or person. Based on this foundation, they determine how they fit into their plans and how they work, and they don’t cling to details.

More than just looking at how things could be, they’re looking at how they really are. This becomes the voice behind their behavior. They can be dull, or sometimes a little sharp, but they  keep their feet firmly on the ground. Ideal and perfect worlds are not places where they move.

2. They are determined

When a person is practical, they set clear goals for themselves and they follow them. We don’t find them suspicious, speculative, or insecure. Sure, they may be pensive, but they easily choose thoughts and turn them into deeds. They prefer to try things out in reality instead of playing mental games.

All of this makes them really determined people. They don’t like wandering and curving. As we have said, they prefer to look at the validity of their goals and projects, and not just look at ideas. They are able to change direction when concrete reality shows them going in the wrong direction, for they are not attached to form or custom as long as they continue to look towards the same goal they have set for themselves.

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3. They take risks

Visualizing risks, defining them, testing them, and considering them in too much detail is not something that would interest a practical person. They understand that any conditions will eventually include the ups and downs ahead. This will not stop them.

Such people keep their eyes on the results. They know that in order to reach a certain point, it is essential to take risks and be prepared to make mistakes. This does not blur their minds. They trust that they always have another way to reach the same point. Therefore, they do not give up when they face failures.

4. They are not dependent on praise or criticism

There is nothing as impractical as living with the approval of others. There are people who want to distort and change their ways just to be accepted by others, and they can even take positions that are against them. This is not the case with a practical person.

On the contrary, people with a practical perspective are aware that every function is prone to criticism. They are not dependent on the approval of others to act. In this sense,  they do not consume too much energy to try to please others. 

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5. They know how to prioritize: they work with hierarchies and they stick to them

Practical people are people of action. But for the action to be successful, they need to be orderly and clear. A chain of actions leads to good results when we know how to prioritize things. 

The skill of prioritization means good perception to see which actions need the most attention.  This includes seeing what needs to be done first in order to make it easier and possible for others. A practical thinker is good at prioritizing and following this order of prioritization.

We probably won’t find a person who is completely practical, or even a person who would be completely speculative. We all have features of both traits, one more and one less, and we all apply them differently in different situations. Each of these perspectives is truly valuable and offers different benefits. They are complementary and not exclusive. Whatever the case, the truth is that this will help us all to advance this practical side a little, especially when we face difficulties that require an immediate solution.

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