Five Fascinating Thoughts By Mexican Poet Octavio Paz

In this article, we take a look at five wonderful sayings by Mexican poet Octavio Paz!
Five fascinating thoughts by the Mexican poet Octavio Paz

Octavio Paz was a Mexican poet who left behind many famous sayings and thoughts. Many of them come from his poems and wonderful essays. He expressed himself in a beautiful and so profound way in his writings that even some of his letters and articles are considered good literary works.

One of the best aspects of this incredible poet was his originality. It is impossible to describe him in one way. He loved trying different things and tried to do something different in all his poems.

Five fascinating thoughts by Octavio Paz

1. Observer and observed

Reality and unreality are two complex concepts. They become even broader and more difficult to understand when it comes to the human mind. Octavio Paz referred to this in one of his sayings: “The unreality of the observed makes the observer real.”

This saying is about playing with words and involves four things: reality, unreality, the observer and the observed. In this saying, he said that from a human point of view, things are not real unless someone looks at them and gives them a purpose. So nothing exists if we don’t look at it.

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2. Love

Love is one of the most common themes of this poet. One of his best sayings about love is, “Love is an attempt to penetrate another person, but it can only succeed if surrender is mutual.”

This saying is full of wisdom. The idea is that true love only happens when both people feel the same way about the other. Otherwise, it’s more about affection, addiction, or habit. True love is reciprocal and is never based on compulsion or fear.

3. Sacrifices and celebrations

Power is also a big topic in some of Octavio Paz’s sayings. That’s not surprising, as he was born during the Mexican Revolution and developed some interesting ideas about the state of his own country and the world at large.

This saying goes like this: “Sacrifices and offerings either appease or buy gods and saints; gifts and celebrations are for people. ”  This saying tells of an old belief that we must honor the gods so that they will not harm us. Sacrifices and Offerings were the best ways to do it. Paz said the festivities drive the same thing, but they are for people.

4. Death

Death is an eternal theme and the harsh reality of life. It is also something that is difficult for us to fully understand and accept. Today, it is almost taboo to even bring it up. We don’t like thinking about it, so we avoid the subject altogether.

Octavio Paz tried to get rid of this taboo. This saying goes like this: “A civilization that denies death ceases to exist by denying life.” So he tried to say that if we deny the truth that everyone dies, it will only make us live a more superficial life.

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5. Becoming aware of history

History is not just stories in textbooks. Nor is it an old fairy tale that has no effect on our lives. It’s something much more. It shapes who we are and what we have today. History is about all the different threads that are intertwined and that make us who we are, both as human beings and as society.

Octavio Paz wrote that “Becoming aware of history means becoming aware of one’s own individuality. After this reflection, we can take action. ”  In other words, knowing history will help you see what makes you unique. When you realize it, you can take action and try to shape an uncertain future.

Octavio Paz wrote many inspirational sayings in his poems and essays. That’s why he probably won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1990. He was a genius who shone a brilliant light on the whole world.

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