Free Yourself And Be Happy

Free yourself and be happy

Free yourself from anything that holds you in your fields and prevents you from progressing,  from  toxic  people to bad influences, from anything that makes you unhappy. You have the right to free yourself from all this, and you have the right to be a perfectly happy person.

Sometimes we feel like our circumstances are insurmountable. We are hurt by  fighting  and addiction, and sometimes we even feel like we are slaves to others. If your self-confidence is not at its highest, we have a solution for you.

Trapped in an invisible prison


Each of us has sometimes been a prisoner in an invisible prison. We believe that these prisons protect us from everything other people can do to us. For example, if we have never been in a positive and functional relationship, then we try to protect ourselves and lower our standards, which makes us view many situations as threatening when we would have assessed them differently in the past.

Such prisons limit us and make us vulnerable,  even though we believe the exact opposite. And how could we be aware of this if we are not free ?! We are ironically trapped in ourselves. So how can we free ourselves from this chastisement? How can we escape the prison we have created?

There are countless people who find refuge in these prisons, but sooner or later they get tired of this and decide again to start taking risks and making mistakes. This is scary, but when the time comes, they force themselves not to escape.

Don’t be afraid to take risks. It is perfectly normal to get a little wing in the form of pain and it is just as normal to make mistakes. And all of this will help you learn and continue your journey forward, getting to know yourself and others a little better. If you’re looking for safety, do so for a while, but only briefly! In retrospect, free yourself.

The path to liberation

The woman frees herself

Now  is the time to free yourself from everything that prevents you from achieving your own goals,  from everything that prevents you from finding love. We can be trapped in really many things, so where should we really free ourselves?

  • The feelings that make you feel worthless.
  • Depression  that overwhelms you and prevents you from expressing how you feel.
  • Perfectionism and fears that limit you.
  • Material things, sad memories, and false beliefs.
  • Every person you’ve been addicted to.
  • Out of bitterness,  jealousy,  and fear of loss.
  • Free yourself until you succeed because the best is just coming.

There are countless emotions, emotions, and even people from whom we should free ourselves. People like former partners who have hurt us, friends and bosses who didn’t treat us well, etc.

Are you ready to be happy?

If you can free yourself from all of the above, you can be happy and live a life full of peace and harmony. But it’s not easy. Freedom involves a slow process that can be quite frustrating. Do not worry. Once you’ve completely liberated yourself, you’ll find that it wasn’t very difficult at all.

The problem with liberating ourselves from everything that holds us back and paralyzes us is that we have developed a kind of affection for these things. If we are afraid of something, then instead of facing it, we ignore it and try to separate ourselves from it.  Instead of surviving it as winners, we let it follow us.

Free yourself

We have erroneous beliefs about what is really good or bad for us. As an example, our general thoughts on making mistakes. We need to free ourselves from these false beliefs that do nothing but make us feel bitter about life.

If you have liberated yourself or are about to do so, happiness is just around the corner. Sometimes we are a little blind to distinguish between where we should distance ourselves and what we should stick to. Free yourself so that you can be happy so that you can live your life the way you really want and not the way others dictate to you.

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