Great Quotes From The Book Of Restlessness

Great quotes from the book The Restlessness

In this article, we present the best quotes from the book The Restlessness. These quotes  are real works of art. This marvelous text is considered Fernando Pessoa’s best prose and was published after his death. This book contains some excerpts from his diary, they are brief reflections and sayings.

The final edition of this book was published in 2010. Other versions had been published before that, but they contained writings by other people. In the 2010 edition, journalists removed the writings of others.

Below are some of the best quotes from this book.

Random search

The book of unrest emphasizes that life is meaningless and existence is absurd. This quote perfectly reflects it: “I’m like someone who searches randomly and doesn’t know what he’s looking for or where it’s hidden. We play hide and seek with no one ” .

Pessoa writes that our lives revolve around nothing. We do not understand our purpose, let alone how it can be achieved. We avoid other people who are in the same circumstances as us. For the poet, this is a game of life.

woman with eyes closed


This is one of Pessoa’s deepest and most beautiful quotes: “The change from the ghosts of faith to the ghosts of reason is just a move from one cell to another”.  In these simple words, the poet takes a stand on two great concepts of Western thought: faith and reason.

As you know, these two worldviews have been battling for centuries. Faith denies reason and reason rejects faith. Pessoa defines them both as imaginary but also as prisoners. They both limit your perspective and thinking.

Nothing is perfect

Perfection is one of the most abstract and idealistic concepts. It is completely a product of the mind and does not correspond to reality. People want perfection but never get it because nothing meets its requirements.

One of the  quotes from the Book of Restlessness says, “But everything is imperfect. The sunset is not so wonderful that it could not be even more pleasant, there is not such a gentle breeze that would lull us to sleep, but that could not bring an even sweeter sleep. ” In this quote, Fernando Pessoa emphasizes that people are never satisfied.

The beauty of useless things

Art has no practical significance. It is valuable in itself you what it is, not because of its usefulness. No one needs Las Meninas and their lives, but looking at the painting makes them think. The world continues to spin regardless of whether the Eiffel Tower is upright, but the planet is more beautiful because it exists.

The opposite is true in ordinary life. Things, and even people, are only valuable if they offer good things. People are only looking for what is useful. Under these circumstances, life ceases to be great and sublime. That is exactly what Pesso is asking us to consider in this quote.

Painting by Kaspar Friedrich

Left orphaned by happiness

The Book of Restlessness is an autobiography of Fernando Pessoa and contains many moving confessions of loneliness and neglect.

One of these intimate songs says, “I’ve always wanted to be wanted. I was saddened to be treated with indifference. Left an orphan, I wanted – like all orphans – to be the object of someone’s affection. ”

Throughout the work, Pessoa defines himself as a failure who finds no meaning. He has been left orphaned by happiness because he has even lost his desire to be happy.

Fernando Pessoa was one of the most important poets of all time. The book of unrest  shows us the complexity of his feelings and the sharpness of his thinking. Every sentence is a poem waiting for a sensitive reader, like you, to find it.

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