Happiness Is The Appreciation Of The Simple Things In Life

Happiness is an appreciation of the simple things in life

The simplest things in life are like stars shining on a clear night against a velvety sky.  They always exist, surrounding us, offering us their subtle magic; however, we do not stop every single day to take a closer look at them and remember their existence.

Only when life offers us a small or larger backpack do we suddenly appreciate what really builds our hearts, what forms each of the inner lines that create the music of life   and give meaning to our own existence. That’s when we get a reminder of the simplicity and beauty of life.

Some people tend to say that the simpler our own way of living, the less worries we have and the less we make mistakes. Despite this, every single one of us is known to be free to make our lives just as complicated as we want to be. Each of us has the right to take risks, project  our dreams  into the future, and maintain as broad and diverse a social life as we want.

The main thing is that the solution is not to live a simple life, but to maintain simple thoughts  and recognize what is important, what makes our own  hearts  happy and authenticates ourselves. From this point of view, each of us is free to build our own microuniverse. It is you who encourage you to think more deeply about this.

Simple things are the greatest things in life

Let's sleep together

Google published a list of the most common searches from its users, and among them was a question that is always on the surface one way or another: “ How to be happy ?”

Each of us has more than one thing that we would never trade for even the most incredible riches. For example, the lives of your children, spouse, siblings, and parents… And maybe even your pets. Because what wealth we get from these is invaluable.

The problem here is that sometimes life is not so easy and black and white.  You know, for example, if even your children are the most important thing to you in the world, but your work days are long, which prevents you from being with them all the time, as you would like.

Boy and dog

In doing so, we no doubt hope that life will be easier and, as a result, we sometimes feel lost in  too much pressure and unnecessarily numerous daily responsibilities that take us further away from what is really essential. For this reason, it would be interesting to reflect on these aspects for a moment.

Live a full and conscious life

Living a full and conscious life means being aware of where you are right now in your life and knowing and experiencing your present, here and now.

We need to be aware of what our own hearts are telling us. For example, working longer hours may offer you the opportunity to haul more assets, but you may still be aware that despite everything, you prefer to invest that time in your own family.

Living a full life is an understanding that every single effort is worth the effort because everything we do makes us happy and provides happiness to our loved ones.

If there is no reciprocity, there is no fulfillment. Look at your life as if it were a perimeter: if you are not in balance with yourself and your environment, it will be really hard for you to enjoy all the happiness and joy.

Water drop on a leaf

Finding pleasure in simplicity is an attitude

Not all people know how to enjoy the simple things that life offers us.  Perhaps some because they are unable to see them and some because they do not value them and are more inclined to material attachment in the hope of immediate gratification, which, however, will not endure…

Enjoying simplicity is an attitude that many have reaped in the harvest of having sufficiently developed their inner peace  without crooks. Enjoying simplicity comes to them after a long journey in which they have surprisingly experienced a conscience in action and found sources of pleasure they had not previously been able to account for:

  • A pleasure produced by very friends.
  • Pleasure caused by a good tomorrow and an unexpected touch.
  • The child’s infectious laughter.
  • Intoxicating wind after the storm.
  • Sun drowning in complete silence in the sea.
  • Waking up on Sunday without any worries or sorrows in mind…

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