Having Children Or Not Having Children

To have children or not to have children

Until  recently, most people generally assumed that we should all want to get married and have children,  but recently this has changed radically. In the West, the number of people who do not want children has increased.

The reason for this ranges from personal desires to thoughts that bringing new life into this world would destabilize world societies and put ecosystems in a bad state. Whatever the reason, at least it is clear that there are fewer and fewer taboos associated with this decision. This is true of virtually all societies around the world.

As a result, Demographics in most developed countries show a growing relationship between older people and youth.

In some countries, the birth rate is much lower than it was 20 years ago. This, combined with an increase in life expectancy, will result in an aging population. Is this a good thing then? Is the decision not to have children a logically responsible decision anyway, or is it just the next form of modern selfishness?

The decision not to have children

Many people believe that having children takes away their freedom and that children complicate their lives. Parenting requires an amount of time that many people are not willing to invest. For them, having and raising a child would mean repression, and on top of all that, having children is not just of interest to them.

Some people believe that creating a career or maintaining a social life is enough to give meaning to their lives. And for others, children are not worth the responsibility that parenting demands.

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According  to a study by Childlessness in Europe (2015), the main reasons for not having children are work-related. But there are many other reasons, such as financial reasons, bad experiences with relationships, and fear of transmitting genetic diseases.

Another study, conducted by the Finnish Population Association, shows that in recent years, financial difficulties have become the main reason for not having children. Uncertainty about jobs and the future have spread this phenomenon.

When asked which is happier, a person with children or a person without, the University of Western Ontario in Canada has stated that there is no clear answer to that. This seems to depend on the age of the person. For younger people, having children is more likely to be associated with a lower level of happiness. For 30-year-old adults, this observation is neutral, while for 40-year-old adults, children are a great source of happiness.

A decision that is influenced by many different factors

There is no general answer to the question of whether or not children should be acquired. Every person, and especially every couple, should make this decision for themselves. It is important to think about this properly and try to be sure of your decision. When people have children without wanting them, it can indeed have devastating effects. Conversely, pruning wanted to be a parent may sooner or later create a large existential gap within you.

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People are almost never in a “perfect situation” to have children.  First, it would be ideal to find a permanent partner that would have enough money, plenty of free time, and a strong desire to be a parent, but it is really rare for all of these factors to be present at the same time. But this does not mean that it would be impossible to make adjustments and adaptations so that we can welcome a new life into this world. In fact, people make these adjustments all the time. Large families, formerly quite common, were able to survive on lower incomes.

Know why you want kids

It is important to know where the desire to have children comes from, because sometimes it comes from the wrong place. There are plenty of couples who have relationship problems, and they mistakenly believe in themselves that having a child will improve their relationship or put an end to their quarrel.

There are also those who are frustrated with their own lives and want to have children to achieve through them things that they themselves were never able to achieve. Both cases are most likely a recipe for failure.

We have more and more freedom to make decisions about who we want to start a family with and what we want our family to be like, and this in turn is a big step forward. However, this creates new topics of anxiety and uncertainty, so it is important to practice our ability to listen to our hearts, and then everything else follows.

Having children will always be a challenge. Bringing new life into this world is not a simple process. It involves meeting numerous social and biological challenges, as well as the challenges that children face. However, there are numerous opportunities to grow and have fun with children.

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