He Who Fails Does Not Try

He who does not fail does not try

You fail, you try again, you make mistakes, because this is the only way you can learn and achieve your goal. There is no other way to learn than trial and error. The idea that you are better because you don’t make mistakes is a silly approach.

There is no success without a hefty dose of stumbles and blunders. These errors will show you paths that you should not follow, and that it is better to find an alternative and try something else.

What would have happened if Thomas Edison had been tired of trying a hundred times when his light bulb wasn’t working? Remember, he found success after 999 failures. He failed time and time again, but instead of thinking he couldn’t get over his mistakes, he realized that all those mistakes were responsible for the final evolution of artificial light we enjoyed in our homes today. A thousand times, and he finally succeeded.

Failure, failure, and retrying are ways we achieve important things in life. Throwing a towel in the ring for the first time after ensures that we do not fail, but also that we do not achieve anything interesting. Which would you choose?

“He who fails is more worthless as a person.”

Do you think this is true? How often have you heard this phrase? Unfortunately, perfectionism is prevalent in the world today, there is little room for error, and we have too little patience to develop one of our most powerful creative tools: trial and error.

We have been judged since our youth. We have been pushed to compete and reach 100% every time. Instead of being happy to find ourselves on the wrong path and being able to find a better one, we are punished for it. Sometimes we even hear reviews like, “You’re not good at this,” “You’ve always had trouble with math, it’s not your thing,” “You keep doing bad work and you never learn.”

All of these words lower your self-esteem, and you slowly begin to believe that you should never make mistakes, that you should be competent in everything you do. And if you are not, you are not worth anything. You are a failure and your destiny is a mediocre life.

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As you read these words, it may seem like an exaggeration because you are in a calm state of mind as you read this article. But when your patience is running out, most of us have a hard time controlling such criticism.

Our irrational thoughts cause suffering when something goes wrong, and we may abandon our goals, projects, and hopes. In this way, we save ourselves from a future failure that would cause our self-esteem to falter again.

Be more tolerant and less demanding of yourself. Forget the fantasy of perfection. It is human to make a mistake, it belongs to our nature. That’s normal, and it always will be.

It’s not written anywhere (except maybe in your mind) that failure makes you stupid, or whatever name they call you. Doing something well and successfully does not determine you or your value.

You can either fail or go idle

You choose. If your fear of failure is so great that you are no longer able to get up and try again, it will likely get worse in the long run. The idea that you are not worth anything is further strengthened because you judge yourself to the fate you fear so much: that you will not achieve your own goals.

If you go idle, you will feel better in the short term because you don’t have to subject yourself to new failures, or the criticism you may receive from others, or the harsh judgment you impose on yourself.

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You save yourself from everything if you don’t take the risk and fall. But you also lose many other important things, such as learning, overcoming obstacles, and the opportunity to see how you do better. And you make it very difficult for yourself to experience rewards for your efforts.

But be careful! Taking this sensible and mature attitude is not the same as avoiding failure for fear, especially if you want to achieve something important to you from the bottom of your heart.

Adaptability is also an attitude that comes from fear, and it only helps you deceive yourself. So make the decision to take the risk. Be brave and fail! It’s not such a bad thing once you’ve been taught to believe. It is actually a benefit that can help you learn and improve. Nothing horrible is going to happen even if you make a mistake, so do it!

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