How To Find The Love Of Your Life

How to find the love of your life

Love is one of humanity’s greatest hopes and goals. It overwhelms us with positive energy that makes all things roll.

Do you find yourself desperately looking for the perfect partner? Is your biggest dream to find someone to complement you and turn your whole world upside down? At least from time to time, you may think you will never find him, but never give up hope.

“True love is selfless and fearless. It spreads itself everywhere without asking for anything in return. The happiness associated with it springs from the joy of giving. ”

-Florence Scovel-

Love the beach

Stop living in delusions

“Cruel truth is better than a pleasant illusion.”

-Edward Paul Abbey-

We grow up listening to fairy tales and happy endings. At the end, the princess always gets her prince. However, real life and reality are much more complicated, so it’s time to stop dreaming.

Yes, love will come to you, this is for sure. However, you need to learn to recognize it. You are just a human being, just as your partner will be – no one is perfect. So you need to focus on finding someone with whom it is you who are compatible. However, this person is not going to pick you up at your door, so you have to go look for him yourself.

It is important to be realistic about your own wishes and your ideal partner. You can expect that whole life in vain for that perfect prince just because he simply doesn’t exist. So find someone who is right for you and who is the one you want to spend your future with.

Pay attention to your environment

You may be convinced that there is no one in your life right now that you would be interested in. Clear. So start looking for him. And I don’t mean dating sites now, although of course they too can work. The best option instead is to start a course that interests and inspires you, for example. Yoga, Painting, Cooking, Crafts – what ever aligns with your own interests.

You meet people who are interested in the same things as you and with whom you have something in common. So all that remains to be determined is whether you agree. However, do not set out on the hunt. Instead, focus on getting to know all the participants. Have fun and meet people.

The love of your life and your feet

Dress according to the situation

“Pretending is very close to lying and through that also loneliness.


Do you feel like you’re always drifting with the wrong people? This is more common than you think and is because we give other people a false picture of ourselves. Try to dress and behave as naturally as possible. Don’t try to impress or attract attention by changing your style.

He who draws his attention to you should be dazzled by you just as you are. It is also very true that first impressions are important; we all analyze each other. So think about it so that as the relationship progresses sooner or later, the other party will notice what you really are and if this “new” version doesn’t please him, problems will arise. Your partner should be able to love you as your own self.

Be sincere

Make your opinion clear from the start. Say “no” when necessary. A person who is an integral part of your life should know what you like and what you don’t like and what makes you laugh. It’s not worth trying too hard to be polite in the early stages of a relationship, as it pays off later.

Sincerity is your most valuable weapon. Don’t start a relationship with fraud, playing games, or dishonesty. If you mislead another person, the whole relationship is just a big lie. Always remember to show your feelings and trust the other person to create a stable and secure relationship. When unnecessary worries are gone, you have more time to enjoy each other.

Girl on the beach

Falling in love is a process

However, don’t be obsessed with finding love for yourself. It’s a long process in which you meet a lot of people, make a lot of mistakes, and you’re sure to get hurt. However, the ultimate prize is worth it all and all previous experiences will prepare you for that right relationship. In anticipation of it, focus on having fun, meeting new people and keeping in touch with those who are already in your life.

“True love is all about the burning desire to help another person be himself.”

-Jorge Bucay-

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