How To Maintain Inner Peace

How to maintain inner peace

One of the principles of Hawaiian philosophy, Ho’oponopono, goes like this: ” Take care of your outer shell while taking care of what’s inside, for everything is one. ” This idea of ​​unity is profound to understand how dissociation disorders work and to nurture our inner peace.

Deepak Chopra is one of the pioneers of integrative medicine. This controversial internal medicine physician and endocrinologist has developed several controversial theories. The truth is that his ideas are an interesting starting point for inner peace.

Thoughts for maintaining inner peace

Maintaining internal peace is a common goal. To achieve this, many seek inspiration from Eastern philosophies. Some seek professional help, while the more traditional value system of our society requires a revolution, or at least a different path than where those relative and technological dynamics seem to take us.

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When we talk about the old value system, we are referring to one that focuses on extreme competition, excessive consumption, and professional success at all costs. This value system is still prevalent, but according to Chopra, people have begun to look for a new way to find peace.

According to this doctor, once we achieve our inner peace, we are in it permanently. But achieving this personal calm requires a long introspective journey. That is, if we want to look inside ourselves, we will find the lessons, goals, or challenges that Chopra has suggested to us to feel a little better and to feel a sense of reconciliation between who we have been, who we are, and who we want to be.

Finding peace inside

The first step is to seek and find peace within us. Chopra has said that meditation can help us in this. In this way, we manage to look inside and transcend artificial mental activity.

According to Chopra, this search involves overcoming ordinary thinking to reach the deepest point of our mind where the area of ​​peace is located. There is quiet, and also tranquility.

Returning to a place of peace

The next step is to return to a place where we feel at ease. But this way back is not physical, but mental. That is, whenever we experience stressful situations that make us feel uncomfortable and feel negative emotions, we must return to this mental state where we can find inner peace.

Automating your return to this “place of refuge” makes it so that we take less time to reach it when we need it. That way we don’t get lost on our journey so much. We are also closer to getting rid of anger, resentment and uncertainty.

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No more violence, in any form

Then when we know our own place of peace and when we can return there whenever we want, it will be easier for us to free ourselves from violence. This step is essential to help us deal with our impulses and manage the energy that flows from our own feelings.

According to Chopra, this leads to intelligent management of anger, jealousy and resentment. Only then can we attain liberation, and thus compensate for our egos and uncertainties.

At this point, it is important to let go of negative emotions and achieve our true selves. In these areas of peace, we lay the foundations for a more stable balance as we meditate. After a while, we realize that this balance is real. This means that it simply becomes our own being.

Experience more peace every day

At this point, it is necessary to experience more peace on a daily basis. This means that we allow ourselves to be led by that quiet voice that comes from the balance we have achieved. This conscience has let go of violence and unrest, and is based on better control over what happens inside us.

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This is the method proposed by Deepak Chopra for finding and maintaining inner peace. According to him, if we follow these guidelines, we could end centuries of wars and races. Do you think he’s right?

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