I Always Try To Remember What Is Beautiful

I always try to remember what is beautiful

We humans tend to memorize nasty and negative things rather than good and positive things. Clinging to miserable memories is a fatal trap for our emotions and well-being.  Over time, their roots penetrate deeper and deeper into the depths of our minds and put us in a state of complete imbalance.

No doubt our remorse and even our deep longing to get some revenge are based on some perfectly sensible idea. The truth, however, is that  by chewing these feelings from day to day, we only cause ourselves extra pain. 

Sad memories create a very multifaceted state of mental imbalance that is deeply rooted in our subconscious. This is because  we feel betrayed or hurt. We feel like something very important is shattered inside us, and with that, we are completely incapable of reacting and handling the matter with honor.

In other words, it can be said that because we cannot or are not even given the option of expressing what we need and want, we end up thinking far too much. We eventually drift into turning the situation inside our heads completely insane and form thoughts and negative feelings about the person we hurt. This can be extremely consuming. Eventually, after all that thinking, it usually happens that we start to see that person as our “ enemy ”. 

Over time, these feelings can intensify further and cause us a wide variety of problems, including both psychological and physical problems. It is because we are in some way spiritually committed to this person who has harmed us and continues to harm us, and we will bear the heavy burden of these experiences on our shoulders forever.

There is no doubt that by carrying with us all those ugly memories and feelings, we are denying ourselves the opportunity to feel true happiness within us.

A woman remembers negative memories

It is much better to stick to good memories

Feeding the anger and bitterness we feel is practically the same as living life bitterly and losing our true selves to our anger. Whatever the case, as we ourselves have seen many times, striving out of this way can be a very slow and painful process.

No matter how undesirable the current situation, there is some kind of lesson hidden in everything that happens to us that allows us to take something valuable with us. You can always get something positive out of everything for the rest of your life. It must be borne in mind, however, that this does not mean, of course, that in the event of nasty things, it would not be perfectly normal to cry or feel anger or even rage  – on the contrary. It means that it will serve us as some kind of ticket to freedom or liberation.

However, it  is absolutely essential not to feed such negative emotions that surface. When we consciously ignore their impact on us and give them too much space in their minds, it creates an annoying spiral that is extremely difficult for us to escape.

It is for this reason that it may be quite normal not to admit that there is an urgent need for an opportunity to work on what has happened so that sore wounds can heal. Ideally, we would have the ability to make our selective memory as effective as possible and allow ourselves to remember, above all, all the doctrines that every single experience we have had in our lives has taught us.

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How to shed ugly thoughts about ourselves and remember only good things

Our mental well-being depends heavily on how we choose to prioritize things in our lives. With this in mind, the best thing you can do is try to channel and organize the accumulated chaos of negative emotions in the way you think is best.

The ultimate idea here is to strive to give more weight to good, beautiful and positive things. To help you succeed, here are a few more important tips for mental well-being:

  • If you have the opportunity, talk to the person who caused you pain. However, if that is not possible, for example, write him a letter or Imagine that you are in a conversation with that person. Tell him openly what thoughts are moving in your head and how you feel. Clear yourself of all the feelings that are potted inside you that weigh on you. As you do this, you will realize how tremendous healing power and impact it has on us.
  • Becoming hurt and deceived will inevitably happen at some point. What we should accept is that these things happen every time you are involved in any relationship or when you form expectations about something. For this reason, when something happens, we need to be able to express our feelings in the right way, effectively and directly.
  • Don’t judge, and avoid thinking that you would be a better person than someone else. We all make mistakes from time to time and often we don’t even pay proper attention to when it’s time to show our appreciation for other people’s actions. Keep your mind open and consider all the opportunities and opportunities that lie ahead. Never hide hidden inside your shell.
  • Accept the fact that people are changing. The significant point behind this idea is not that someone may have hurt you, but that all of us humans are capable of change. So try to shed your thoughts from the image you had formed of that person, and allow yourself to accept the truth that he may have changed in many ways that you have no idea.
  • Get rid of all the negative and let things flow in your mind and in your life in general at their innate pace. This step is relatively complicated to take, as it means accepting the fact that life is not always fair. Despite the fact that learning is always a good thing, it is of course not always easy to see something positive in some negative case that has happened to us. Once we have become aware of and accepted what we need to learn, it is best to just try to let go of the negative thoughts and feelings that that experience brings.

It is paramount to try to remember all the good and wonderful things we have had to experience with other people. It is just as important to remember these things for people in our current lives as well as for those present in earlier stages of life.

We need to learn to know how to organize and channel our emotions in every moment. Once this thing has become clear in our minds, we gradually begin to develop our selective remembering skills: we are able to consciously throw away unnecessary, mind-boggling negativity from our thoughts and remember only warm, positive experiences and events.

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