I Am The Garden That Grows Inside Me

I am the garden that grows within me

Today I choose to take care of myself. Finally, I choose to be strong and give the voice of my own desires,  to build walls to protect my weaknesses, against those people who take me further away from my own being. I am my own attitude ; I am the garden that grows inside me that I have to take care of every single day.

When was the last time you put yourself first? I know,  it’s not easy, and almost never seems to be the right time to do so. How can we supposedly take care of our own needs if we have family, friends, work, and responsibilities that must be met? But whether you believe this or not, putting yourself first is essential. And no one is selfish in “caring for and taking care of the garden,” which grows within them.

It’s downright special how day after day we forget to take care of ourselves. And despite this, others continue to think about how we are selfish: because we’re not home enough, because we don’t do what they want us to do, because we don’t say what they want us to say.

Life can be quite complicated if we don’t learn to prioritize things objectively,  if we don’t choose carefully what deserves our time and what doesn’t. However, the people around us should also understand… Each of us needs time for ourselves.

Each of us must take care of our own inner world,  where we can find protection,  strength,  and a sense of security. Only when we achieve inner happiness will we be able to give the best of ourselves to the people we love.

I am the garden that grows within me

Private garden

You are a garden made of colors that sometimes fade and fade. You are strong, but you have forgotten your own innermost being, the pillars of your strength, because your roots are poisoned by rush, fear,  anxiety, and maybe even other people that prevent you from being yourself.

If you choose to take care of yourself, if you decide to take a step toward your own inner world, then it’s time to free yourself from those outer layers that prevent you from growing, breathing, and radiating happiness.

How can you do this? It seems easy to say and even recommend that “you need to take care of yourself,” but  we’re not discussing now to prevent the flu, lower back pain, or stomach upset. We discuss an existential emptiness that prevents us from being happy, that prevents us from being ourselves. Consider how we can grow and develop our own inner “garden” so that we can rebalance.

1. Moments of peace, loneliness and silence

In order to take care of yourself, you should first pay attention to yourself. There is no one more knowledgeable to listen to what you need, what hurts you, and what takes you further from your own core.

Look for peaceful moments throughout the day, such invaluable moments when you can be calm, listen to your inner voice and, in its simplicity, turn off the hum of sorrows and other sounds.

You should be quietly in place from time to time. And to do that, it’s best to look for a peaceful  environment and calm down. Regulate your breathing and follow little by little the winding path that leads you to your heart. Ask yourself what is going on right now, what you need, what you want and what you need. 

Girl and flower

2. Learn to be free from thoughts and free from what takes you further from yourself

Your inner garden wants to grow, but there are things in your life that prevent it from flourishing. First, you should check to see if there is something inside you that is causing you to raise firewalls against the rest of the world.

Avoid worrying about things that are not important. Stop appreciating people who darken your life, and don’t pay attention to their  criticism  because it doesn’t define you. Don’t give strength to people who harm you, and don’t be their victim: free yourself.

You are the only person who controls the direction of your life and therefore you have to grab the wheel every single day. Learn to fight for what you yourself want and channel your efforts in that direction:  toward simple, pure, and genuine happiness where you have people around you that you truly love.

Live with strength, walk your own share, and free yourself from the shackles of people who try to capture you with selfishness and emotional emptiness.

3. Enrich your life by looking for things that define you and make you feel alive

Life is a learning process. It is an experience of relocating among humanity and nature among shared knowledge. Find your passion and make it your own journey. Allow things that illuminate you from within to offer you daily hope and reason to feel useful and capable.

Don’t forget to take care of your social relationships  because people are a great source of information. Cultivate your inner garden by learning new things every day. Enrich yourself so that you can grow so that you can be emotionally and mentally free.

Few things are as awesome as seeing the world with a child’s curiosity and enjoying life with the passion of an adult who feels free to take care of himself because he knows that his own inner happiness is his strength in helping the people around him.

Elephant mainland

Photos provided by Marie Deschams, Art 3D Deviantart

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