I Am The Love Of My Life

I am the love of my life

I am the love of my life. And saying it out loud is not selfish or arrogant. It is an idea that each of us should internalize every single day. It should be a similar act as, for example, starting each day with a cup of coffee.

It is not self-centered to take care of themselves, get over their fears and heal their wounds. It’s not self-centered to leave behind people who have hurt me so I can start tomorrow with a smile on my face. For if I myself am well, I can give the best of myself to others. I can be happy and offer happiness to others.

I don’t have to be better than others. I don’t have to have what you have. It is enough that I am myself that I love my life so that I can offer you my peaceful soul and the best of my blissful, anger-free heart.

Many dimensions cover us layer by layer, and under these layers, love for ourselves may also be buried.

We should never forget that if we can do well, the world will do well. If your thoughts and feelings do not match your inner harmony, which is self-esteem, your reality will be distorted. Today we invite you to reflect on this.

I had forgotten: I am the love of my life

Self loving woman blowing people

At some point, you may forget that you are the love of your life because you have put other people first. Or maybe you’ve never really known it, because you’ve felt insecure since childhood and you’ve been self-critical.

At some point, we need to let go of certain things, people, and situations… Some call it selfishness, but I call it self-love. Self-love is not taught in schools. It is something we get to know a little quietly, as if it is an instrument of the exercise of power that we have never been told before.

Why does it take so long to develop self-love? Our society has taught us the importance of loving and respecting other people, which of course is wildly important. Often, however, we are not told that we also need to love ourselves. Sometimes self-prioritization is considered a bad thing, and even if children behave this way, we may only condemn it as childish selfishness.

Loving oneself, the simple idea that I am the love of my own life, is not a selfish act. It helps build and protect our self-esteem.

Loving ourselves does not mean thinking that we are better than others or believing that we have more merits or rights than other people. We love ourselves so we can protect ourselves and feel better. That no one can manipulate us and that we know what we like and what we don’t.

Loving ourselves is something we should not be ashamed of. It is not just a tool we can use to maintain our inner well-being. It is a balance that allows us to respect other people and feel empathy for them.

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Strategies for self-love

Whatever the reason we have forgotten the pillars of our lives, it is never too late to bring this self-awareness to life. With our inner strength, we can strike a balance so that we can be happy and so that we can provide well-being to those close to us as well. For those who really deserve it.

As you move forward on the path of your life, you will realize that the most important thing is not how many things you have, but how valuable you yourself are…

So how can we remember to love ourselves?

Maintain your internal conversation. Analyze those situations that hurt your self-esteem and prevent you from being what you really are. Maybe you need to leave certain people or relationships behind.

Feel empathy for yourself. We are sure you will feel empathy for the people around you. You understand their situation, their pain, and their needs… But what about yourself? What would you say to yourself in this situation?

You are authentic and unique. This is not a saying but it is a complete truth that you should now begin to believe. You have abilities and traits that make you a unique individual in this world, and thus you are also important.

A woman and loving herself

Dare to love yourself and give yourself what you deserve, because just loving yourself doesn’t mean you stop loving others at all. It means that you recognize yourself and know how to make yourself happy, because then when you are happy, the best things come into your life.

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