I Feel Like Everything Is Still In Place

I feel like everything is still in place

I feel like everything is still in place. All efforts come to find their angles and hope has its rewards. For by relying on intuition, you listen to the voice of your soul, that unconscious wisdom of our minds that is essentially related to the world and our being.

We have all had our hints. It is not magic, anticipation, or revelations of the crystal ball. According to psychiatrist Daniel Cappon (York University, Canada) , our insights crown our human intelligence. He feels intuition is an essential part of our species survival.

Trust your intuition and pay attention to the intuitions that make your heart beat faster. They serve as an indication that things will eventually find their place. For the two eyes see more than the blind mind.

Often, when we assure someone that things are still going to turn for the better, we get skeptical smiles. But before we fall into criticism, we need to understand our sudden and inexplicable feelings: feelings that make us make quick decisions based on knowledge and experience.

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Anatomy of ideas

Malcolm Gladwell, author of Flash:  The Power of Subconscious Thinking ( originally called Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking)  , states that intuition is the voice of our intuition. At times, the word can cause distrust, for it has acquired a rather supernatural character. Therefore, we should “cut” the word a little and learn to understand it better.

In general, people rely more on their intuition to make informed, informed decisions. However, most of our reactions come from our so-called “instincts”.

We are purely emotional beings. We don’t always have time to start analyzing everything in our decisions. In this case, we often turn to our subconscious voice: intuition and intuition.

People store much of their consciousness in their subconscious. In our subconscious, the world of emotions, insights, and experiences are subtly combined. The result of unification is intuition.

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 According to an article in Psychology Today , clues could be our best daily compass. They allow us to act properly in accordance with our true identity.

How to understand clues?

Insights often follow our physiological feelings: chills, chicken, and most importantly, the classic “knot” feeling in our stomachs. Michael Gershon, a researcher at Columbia University and author of The Second Brain  , notes that it is in our stomach that there is an extensive network of nerve cells. That network is connected to our brains and emotions.

Our sudden physical feelings are like sounds that warn us of something. So how can we better understand our ideas?

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The keys to the world of our ideas

Dr. Daniel Cappon has written an interesting book, Intuition and Management , in which he teaches us to better develop those qualities. According to Cappon, our insights are part of our intelligence and should be addressed as such.

Our unconscious mind is like an internal computer that can quickly break through the darkness to give us information. We need to be able to understand each of our knowledge and pieces of knowledge and deduce what it is trying to tell us.

Not all of our ideas are valid: this is important to keep in mind. The goal of insight is to make us think about something and make decisions later. Intuition, like intuition, is very common in creative people.

Insights have nothing to do with gender; men and women can be equally intuitive and have the same amount of positive and negative perceptions during their day.

Insights often appear in our brains in quiet moments –  because that’s when we finally manage to break free from outside noise. This is when we come in contact with our hearts and emotions.

the door is open

Intuition is the direct door to our unconscious wisdom. However, our society encourages more quantitative and concrete thinking, guided by logic as well as mathematics. As a result, we often completely ignore our intuition.

Even if the thoughts distract our mind from time to time, listening to them can sometimes be crucial. For our hearts know that in consciousness rests the consciousness of our experience.

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