I Have Changed And Now I Give Each One The Value He Deserves

I have changed and now I give each one the value he deserves

Almost always, and sometimes unfortunately, our experiences change us  and help us surface our own priorities and visions. They help us “realize” that we shouldn’t allow people to step over us, take advantage of our thoughts, or make us feel small. In short, we learn to give each person the value he or she deserves.

Prioritizing things and giving each person the status he or she deserves in our lives means building a strong foundation for our own  self-esteem,  reinforcing the idea we have of ourselves and distinguishing between what is positive and what is negative for us.

To do this, we must assume that not everyone should have equal control over our lives. Trust and priority are two privileges that are “ earned ” and “ built. “  Each of us deserves to reserve the right to accept whether someone can affect our daily lives or not.


Maturation is synonymous with growing up and putting things first

Over time, we become experts in “ realizing ” what really interests us. We talk about healthy and unhealthy links, people who enrich us and people who hurt us, habits and expectations, etc.

We have an obsession to  please  everyone because we like everything, which ultimately makes us feel within us that we are surrounded by quantity rather than quality. This usually changes over time. Whether this is due to years or bumps, we begin to prioritize the people and things we consider important in our own lives.

It’s not that we have lifelong friends or partners. It is not about the desire to achieve perfection in man. It is mainly about reconciling our own priorities by making us aware of our own preferences and enriching our relationships.

The woman thinks

 Don’t live by impressions, they always change

In order to let go of those people who don’t give us anything good, we must first stop incubating the idea that emotional pain is an inherent part of our relationships.

We choose who deserves our attention, the people who have value in our lives, and the value we give them. The stages of life we ​​go through define those masks that  we ourselves wear as well as those that others cling to. Therefore, in order to take off our own and others ’masks, we must first rinse our eyes and understand what kind of harm it is to try to be what others expect and hope of us to be. 


The importance of knowing and appreciating our own concerns

Each of us is unique. Our personalities should belong to ourselves and not meet the demands,  priorities  and interests that others place on us.

To gain this kind of freedom, we need to examine our own past and our emotional present, evaluate what kind of priorities we accumulate and what (and to whom) they actually correspond. This is important when washing away the dirt that has settled in our lives.

Usually, we allow the pain to accumulate caused by offering “ these concessions ” at the expense of our own identity. We don’t think deeper about this and this really makes us feel the need to escape ourselves.

Birds in the sky

This is the same as a person with allergies crawling under a rug thinking that the dust there is not affecting his health  and that it is not blocking something as vital as breathing. When we look at it from this angle, there is no doubt that those problems and people who are negative about us would just take over our present.

This robs the positive, and it hurts. It hurts a lot. So when you get enough of the pain caused by inadequate priorities, look deep inside,  heal,  and climb one step higher. The step from which you then shout, “Enough! I don’t give others a value they don’t deserve. ”

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