I Listen To Everyone, But I Decide For Myself

I listen to everyone, but I decide for myself

There are some songs that say life is easier to understand with a cup of coffee with good friends, perhaps because the best conversations and most helpful advice arise in these situations. In fact, when I have to make an important decision, those coffee moments are full of energy. At the cup of coffee, I listen to my friends, though eventually I decide for myself.

And by going to coffee, I literally mean just that, or any other close moment with the people you care about. Connecting with the important people in your life is extremely important to the health of your emotional life and will help you manage the complex situations you have to face on a daily basis.

Letting your inner self express how it feels in the company of your closest friends will benefit you in many ways, especially in unpleasant situations where you feel completely confused. Many difficult roads open up in front of you, and the company on your journey will give you stability.

Listening helps you see what you didn’t see before

The biggest benefit of being listened to is that you can also hear from another perspective. When your problems seem too big, they put pressure on you, and they burden you with responsibility, another person’s perspective can help you get through the unknown.

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Imagine you have a job and you like what you do. However, there are a few reasons why you might leave your job, such as even the desire to be closer to your family. You will then be offered another job that has nothing to do with what you want to do, but it would allow you to be closer to your loved ones. What kind of choice would you make?

It is very difficult to be in such a situation and understand the consequences of each decision when it comes. That’s why you go to people who are always there for you and tell them everything. They can give you their perspective, help you see the different pros and cons you didn’t see before, and ultimately, you can make the decision yourself.

Other people may influence your decisions

Every time you make a decision, there is a chance that you will make a mistake, given that making a change always involves the risk of losing something, and that is something you just have to accept. As a result, here comes another benefit from friends:  the greater the number of problems blurring your field of vision, the more you need other people’s strength and wisdom.

How often did you want someone to listen to you, even though the only thing you really needed was the power to make a decision? I decide for myself, yes, but sometimes I need a push, a hug, support in the form of words, someone who says that what needs to happen will happen.

Other people can influence your final decision, as their caring and advice will remind you that above all, they love you, and they’re just trying to get you to find the best side of yourself.

I decide, because I am responsible for the consequences

The whole idea behind the idea of ​​“I listen to everyone, but I decide for myself” is the fact that  life’s decisions can depend on many people, but the consequences are always yours.

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It is entirely helpful, as I said, to allow other people to participate from their own perspective on your options, but we ourselves are the only ones responsible for our actions. No one else is responsible for what only affects you, no one else is responsible for your wrong decisions, and no one carries your burden for you on the path you choose.

With all of this in mind, don’t deny yourself the opportunity to listen to someone else just because you don’t agree with him or her, or because you think his or her opinion doesn’t come from friendly starting points. It’s good to open your mind to other perspectives, as long as you don’t completely lose your own. You know what you need and how you need to get it. You can only live for yourself, decide for yourself, and act for yourself.

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