I Refuse To Be A Footnote In The Book Of My Life

I refuse to be a footnote in the book of my life

I’m going to be the protagonist of my own story. I refuse to allow myself to stray because of what others think or to choose the easiest path. Instead, I will fight for who I am and defend my own identity, my own life, and my happiness. There will be chapters in the book of my life that will hurt and make me cry. But there will also be others who will get the best possible smile on my face. K ll of them, absolutely every single chapter, will be told in my own voice.

There will be people in my life who have the best intentions but they are still trying to control my life. They think they are able to write a better number so I can avoid grief that way. I want to say something to them. Sometimes you have to suffer in order to grow and build your own story.

There will be other people in my life who want to directly become the protagonists of my book, my narrator, my voice. And not for my benefit but because they are toxic people who have to live multiple stories while harming others. They rob others of the protagonist’s position in order to make themselves more important.

These jealous, gossiping, and harmful people are not going to get a single line in my life. Because even if they aspire to the position of the protagonist, they are not capable of being even villains or opponents. I refuse to give them any meaning. These people live for the value we give them. And in my case, I’ve decided they’re not worth a word or a drop of ink.

I’m going to be the protagonist even if it hurts because people who love me accept my mistakes and they become my permanent, walking sticks that help me get up. They’re not trying to change me. They accept me as I am, with my past and everything else. For my enmity is my story, my life.

The best chapters in the book of my life are lived in good company

In the book of my life, the best chapters are always lived in good company. With their crazy, loud and at the same time sensible partners. For those who make me smile with their wildest stories. The best company of those who really leave a mark, of those we call friends.

Some friends can be found on one page, making you smile in some missing song. Others arrive and take over an entire chapter, leaving a mark on the time you will always remember. But most importantly, your true friends, they are the ones who will always be there, in good times and bad. They follow you throughout the story, right from the first moment.

Those most important, the best, those who are there and who stay, no matter what happens. We should really give them the meaning they deserve. Don’t waste your time on stories of people who want to hurt you. Instead, spend your time with them who will always be with you when you need them. To those who say much more at a glance than others in their wrong words.

I write it and live it

And as in many of my books, there will be underlined figures in the book of my life whose margins are full of notes. It will have worn pages because they have been re-read so many times that they already have a different meaning. Especially when I look at them in the company of people who support and love me the most.

There will also be lines in this book of my life that are twisted and marked with rage and tears as a result of someone hurting me. At the same time, they have also taught me how to live my own story. And we all face villains. However, the most important villains are the ones who teach me what is really valuable. They put the right people next to me and show who my real friends are.

This is how I have learned that in the book of my life I am the protagonist. I write it and I live it. Regardless of who likes it or not. I am also the one who chooses who I keep by my side and what I do in each song. Very simply,  I refuse to be a footnote in the book of my own life, for I am the protagonist.

You have to fight for what you want, what matters, in your own life. Because happiness comes at a price and sometimes it can even hurt. But the fact that you don’t fight to avoid suffering hurts you even more. Directing yourself based on others, those trying to become protagonists, just to avoid making your own decisions. Trying to please everyone makes you not even write your own story. Instead, others will read it to you.

And keep in mind that past mistakes don’t matter because the past is already written. It has guided you to the present, with a future that has yet to be invented. The present moment where you can learn from the mistakes of the previous chapters. In addition, you can also choose the characters that follow you to future chapters.

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