I Want A Hug So Strong That It Removes My Fears

I want a hug so strong that it removes my fears

A hug that comes unsolicited and closes you in its embrace has awesome, healing powers. People are social beings that are largely defined by their feelings. We need daily contact that strengthens our relationships and makes us feel loved. To be loved.

We talk a lot in our articles about how important it is to learn to be alone and how important it is to avoid unhealthy relationships where we are so strongly connected to people or things that it interferes with our personal growth. But everything is reasonable, and everything has a purpose.

We all have a need to belong in some way to someone or something, no matter how much we try to fight it. We all have wings that allow us to fly, but we also have roots that bind us to love and that enrich the relationships (our relationships with friends, family, spouse, children…) that also define us.

Hugs heal the soul and strengthen our feelings. They are moments of silence when our hearts can beat together. Fear, noise and doubt are left out of these moments.

A hug: the key to love and security

Hugs, like any other form of physical contact, contribute to our psychological well-being, as well as our development. Most living beings need this type of physical contact so they can connect with others. A person needs caresses, hugs, and skin contact so that many other functions can function properly.

Our social brains need hugs and caresses

When we enter this world, our brains are only about 25 percent developed. The rest of the brain structures and neuronal connection are mainly formed during our first five years of life. So early childhood education has a big impact on our brains.

We should also think about the fact that during the first five months, there is basically no language in a person’s life. Communication takes place through emotions, physical contact, kisses, hugs, and a quiet, caring voice.

If a child does not receive attention while crying, if he is not reassured and embraced, or if he does not receive selfless love and care, the child will experience great stress. The brain, which is used to producing cortisol, does not develop in an optimal way.

Social isolation in childhood or lack of physical contact causes brain cells not to mature. In addition, myelin production is lower. Myelin is essential for communication between neurons.

All of this can lead to cognitive slowdown as well as social and emotional deficiencies.

The importance of hugs in a relationship

Sometimes the power of a hug is more important than the power of words. Body language directly affects our emotional world and relationships are even more special as they involve a lot of physical contact.

Something as simple as a hug  provides a sense of satisfaction for both the giver and the recipient. A hug is seen as a gesture that nourishes the brain and supports us at all times. Hugging has more benefits than food.

A hug of a girl and a wolf

Hugs are not requested or required. They are not traded. It should also be understood that not all hugs are the same. If they come from a person who loves us and has a place in our hearts, our brains produce oxytocin, a hormone associated with well-being and enjoyment.

Nothing means as much as a hug in a moment of doubt, grief, fear, or anxiety.

When we feel a loved one embrace us with His power, love, and sincerity, the warmth fills the cold soul. It signals to us that everything is going to go well. That the world is calm.

A hug can relieve stress, reduce nervousness, and improve our physical and mental health. A hug can root us in the people we love.

As I said earlier, it is important to maintain love for oneself and avoid such a strong bond with another person that there is no room for personal growth. However, for a relationship, gestures of the type mentioned above are vital and bring certainty to the relationship. We must all feel secure, and we must both give and receive protection.

After all, it is about the cohesion of two people. Don’t spare your hugs for later. Don’t leave them until tomorrow and don’t wait for your partner to ask for them.

Give big hugs with such force that breathing is almost impossible, and use those hugs to convey the message “I support you. I share your joy and sorrow, and I love you. ”

The girl hugs everything

And don’t ignore heart-embracing hugs whose affection flows directly from one heart to another and where visual contact is also present. Long, awesome hugs full of selfless love.

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