If Someone Asks You To Wait, Let Them Go

If someone asks you to wait, let go of him

Relationships are not meant to be postponed, nor are emotions. So if someone is trying to customize you to suit their ideals, don’t allow it for them. It is not healthy to  beg for love, for we all know that affection and appreciation are worth nothing if they have to be asked or waited for. If someone forces you to wait, you should let go of him.

Why? Because love is not immediate and is not something that can be postponed. If you have conceded the idea that another person’s selfishness will eventually turn into gratitude and affection, you are wasting your own time.

When you love another person, you love him every day, not when you feel like it and depending on the day. Despite this,  people often place their own emotional well-being at stake in a game of misfortune that forces them to wait and wait and wait at the same bad point that others left them.

Of course, sometimes it happens that in a relationship the other party (or both) needs their own time to figure out their priorities and clarify their feelings for themselves, but this is already a topic in itself.

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Choose to be a priority, choose to be happy

Putting yourself first is not about anything other than choosing to do so. If your inner world becomes a battleground between your own desires and other people’s expectations, you fall into a deep emotional chasm.

You deserve to be taken care of and listened to. You deserve to be the protagonist of your own movie,  because the love behind yourself should always flicker in the background of this movie  . This is based on considering yourself separate from other people’s feelings.

Save yourself from yourself; don’t allow yourself to be topped with false promises that will leave you waiting. When your own desires and rights are at stake, not everything is worth the price required. You have to put aside the false idea that everything is allowed in love and war. Feeling good is not someone else’s decision, it’s yours alone.

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The best thing about adventures is loving yourself

Choosing yourself is the decision that guarantees you the most joy and happiness. To help you accomplish this, we’ve divided this process into different parts that are always worth keeping in mind. Below are some of the key notes:

Surround yourself with people who will increase your life instead of reducing it

The people who create the light in your life, who move you and always take you into account, are worth your time and happiness.  Getting rid of relationships that contribute to your suffering is  an  essential factor in emotional health that everyone should recognize.

Real people = real relationships

We tend to copy and paste our own relationships into other people’s necks. We adjust to monotonous relationships due to fear caused by uncertainty and emotional emptiness. But people don’t always fit in with what we are or what we need, just as we don’t always fit in with the essence and needs of other people. Saying goodbye to fear will help you redeem your right to seek meaningful relationships.

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Strengthening your own strengths will help you take care of yourself internally

To be happy you have to make a journey into your own innermost being and work on your own fundamental characteristics. If you allow another person or thing to control yourself and stifle your own growth, you are also putting your own  strengths at  risk. By doing this, you will dig an even deeper pit for yourself and make yourself even weaker.

When you bring everything into balance, opportunities also come to you in a more natural and healthier way. For this reason, it’s a good idea to use your own self-love at all times, not just when it’s practical or when you’re feeling anxious in a corner. Opening your own eyes and evaluating yourself openly are key factors in achieving this.

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