If You Don’t Love Yourself, You’ll Never Learn To Love Others

If you don’t love yourself, you will never learn to love others

It is impossible to offer others what is missing from ourselves. Think though. If we are unable to feel love for ourselves, it is very difficult to build a healthy relationship with others. Loving yourself is the first step in building trust and stability with others.

Loving oneself means giving oneself the opportunity to discover potential and greatness in oneself. It means being honest with yourself and committing to your own well-being. In addition, loving yourself means being ready for your own needs.

When we stop judging, criticizing, and comparing ourselves to others, when we stop being something other than what we really are, we unpack pre-created ideas about ourselves. These ideas define our lives and keep us apart from an important and valuable part of ourselves.

love yourself and hug your heart

Learn to love yourself

In order to live in peace with ourselves, we must stop demanding too much of ourselves. The desire to be better in life as well as human beings is an indisputable task that we all have to perform, but it should not lead us to a constant feeling of fear where we end up just despising our whole being.

We are forced to learn to let go of the distorted beliefs that define our present. Namely, we can only live and function to the full in the present moment. And while we don’t have everything we’ve dreamed of, we have the power to change things by living in harmony with who we really are. By dreaming of the past or the future, we only drift farther away from reality. About a reality that may never be the kind we dream of, but at least that reality is true.

Learning to love oneself is an endless journey that presents itself to us in many different forms. Healthy self-assessment is the first step to self-awareness. We need to learn to think in a more systematic way, leaving out excessive criticism as well as unattainable perfectionism.

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The attributes we give ourselves determine what our self-esteem is like. We define all the achievements we seek in external factors such as happiness or Coincidence. If we define all of our failures into inner traits, our self-esteem will suffer. Because of such unfair attributes, it is even more difficult for us to love ourselves.

How to love others orthodox

True love is not about anything physical or erotic. True love means that we only want the best for the other, by seeing things with their eyes. Sometimes strong desires, admiration, or psychological investment in another person can interfere with our understanding of love. Most of us, at some point, have been confused about what it means to love someone else, at the same time as we have tried to own or change them.

To love someone so-called. orthodoxy, we must act on the basis of altruistic ideas and practices. Love for someone makes us participate in developing their skills,  not the ones we hope they have.

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The search for happiness and well-being is not the same thing as being selfish. It is one of the most essential and important conditions for us to build a positive relationship with others. Over time, we have realized that we cannot blame others for not being the way we hope they are. From that realization begins our journey to loving others properly.

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