If You Sow Hatred, You Will Reap Violence

If you sow hatred, you will reap the violence

The primary consequence of hatred is violence, because only it provides continuity for hatred. Hostility is like an uncontrolled appetite that never seems to be satisfied. It’s made of rage and arrogance and it always finds a way to re-ignite. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most enslaving passions a person can experience.

It is said that “s east reap what you sow”. Most often, this saying is given a positive meaning. But in reality, this is suitable for both good and bad things. Meaning that if you sow love, you might reap love. But if you sow hatred, you are likely to reap hatred or violence, which is even worse.

Anger multiplies rapidly

When someone attacks someone, for whatever reason, it produces rage and suffering in that other person. Aggression causes a wound that is difficult to heal, depending on the severity of the attack. It also depends on the amount of aggression you have accumulated in your heart.

The longer the list of negative aspects, the larger and deeper the wounds that follow. For others remember bad moments better than good ones. They emphasize mistakes as successes more.

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There is only one step from aggression to anger. The chain of aggression creates the conditions needed for anger to arrive and take root in the heart. This bond that is born of this restless feeling can be stronger than the one that is born of love. This results in an exponential increase in aggression, as there is always “ debt to pay” or “chicken to pluck”.

In principle, nothing justifies violence

Violence never leads to anything good. Generally, it arises from cowardice, ignorance, or both at the same time. It is a use that blackens and harms human nature, at least its ethical and social aspects.

Violence breeds more violence. The consequences of violence are almost always the same: anger, bitterness, and a deep need for revenge. If you want, you can surrender to this squirrel wheel, outright vanity and nonsense, as in the myth of Sisyphus.

Certainly there are certain situations where violence is understandable and may be necessary for self-defense. Nevertheless, it is an unstable option in terms of fairness and acceptance. It should always be the last option, literally. When circumstances don’t give you any other chance. The last option you should keep in mind. It is only fair when the risk is so great that it outweighs everything else.

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Anger to violence

Violence is not just about physical and verbal aggression. There are very violent gestures that do not require a word. Like that look that blackens another with a glance, or when you engage in injustice, just your desire for comfort, as expressing it could bring you trouble.

In any case, no matter how violence hides or disguises itself, it produces the same results. The result is a chain of deaf and resounding resentments in a pulsating wound. Thus, you form a dramatic circle where two people end up tied together through a nauseating feeling.

Almost everyone who uses violence seems to think they have a right to power. If this hatred is studied for years, the violence that tends to continue for decades, it will be noticed that everyone involved thinks that their aggression is just a legitimate form of self-defense.

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They want to prevent others from hurting them, so they go ahead and hurt them first. They want to be respected and they do anything to intimidate another person to achieve their goal. They want peace, and try to do it by silencing those who think differently or sing through the night. If they then elicit an aggressive reaction, they gain confirmation of their own violent behavior.

For example, when we lie, do we plan everything so perfectly and almost always achieve our goal? And why, when we tell the truth, do we run into obstacles, fights, and moles?

Breaking the cycle of anger and violence

Forgiveness frees you. Peace is a prerequisite for happiness. But neither forgiveness nor the pursuit of peace are automatic actions. They require an in-depth process that must begin with admitting your own mistakes and failures.

The world needs strong and courageous people who are not afraid to back down to avoid conflict. The world needs people who can keep quiet and wait for another person to calm down so they can start a useful dialogue. They strive to understand the other person, before they are condemned and punished.

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Maybe we need courageous, risk-taking, and determined people to correct “bad habits”. We are made to walk towards hidden, personal growth gardens. It is an interesting way to provide resistance to the exaggerated acts of violence, tension and aggression in which we live. And it prevents us from taking the bandage out of our eyes.

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