Imagination Helps Control Negative Emotions

Imagination helps control negative emotions

Emotions are innate, which means we can’t escape them no matter how hard we try. It is normal to feel anger, jealousy and resentment, although these negative feelings need to be managed. The big problem is that no one teaches us to do so. However, with our own imagination, we can succeed in that.

We know that negative emotions are hardly the subject of bragging, so we try to suppress or cover them up. However, this is a bad idea, as they will eventually come out one way or another. While you can’t choose what you feel, you can choose what to do with those feelings.

Emotions are trains that come and go

What do trains do? Are they at a standstill in the same place? No. They move, they come and go. We are often asked to imagine that our lives are like trains; people get on board and some stay, while others jump off the ride. Now use your imagination to visualize the same train, but Imagine it instead of people carrying your negative feelings.

train and moon

Sometimes you feel like you are unable to free yourself from anger. It sits tightly in you and you don’t get it shed. But what actually happens is that you don’t let go of it; you let it stay. You need to start looking at the feeling as if you were on a train that, after a few minutes or hours, is leaving on a different route.

Imagining emotions as a train can be difficult, or maybe you don’t think it can help you. You may not realize that your mind is the most powerful thing in you. If you think something in your mind is possible, then it is. If you think you can’t move on anymore, that too will happen.

Now answer the following question: why don’t your positive feelings worry you? If they don’t bother you, then neither should negative feelings. The problem is that negative emotions are given too much attention because they feel bad. Don’t give them more importance than they have. Don’t focus on them. In this way, the train is able to move forward, and emotions disappear.

Characterize your feelings

This can be a useful technique for children,  but can also work well for adults. Sometimes we stifle our emotions so hard that we run away from them and ignore them, even though they are still present.

For this reason, it can be very helpful to give the emotions a physical shape. Give your imagination free rein and Imagine envy or anger in your hands. Try to imagine its weight, color and size. Basically, you characterize, analyze, and observe emotion in this way.

butterfly woman drinking tea

This will allow you to deal with your feelings more effectively. Instead of ignoring it, you describe it, and this will help you manage it. Let’s think you’re imagining a feeling very big, dark, and heavy, for example. This is how you come to wonder if the feeling is really like that, or if you just turn a fly into a bull.

This method can also help the youngest in the family, as they do not know how to deal with their negative emotions. And we don’t always do that either – not because we can’t, but because we don’t want to face them. But remember: even if you ignore them, they are still present. They will not go away, and if you do not solve them, they will eat you.

If they scare you, make them ridiculous

Negative emotions scare us. When you apply the above method, you may find yourself confronted with a terrible monster that personifies the rage you feel inside you. Or maybe it’s a long, dark shadow that reflects jealousy. Whatever it is, if you want to free yourself from it, you have to resist the fear you feel.

To return to the previous method, when the feeling is in your hands, it will not be able to live if you make it ridiculous. Imagine a terrible monster talking in a ridiculous voice or a dark shadow dressed in a terrible skirt and hat. This will make you laugh, and believe it or not, release those negative emotions so that they disappear through the hole you opened for them.

deal with negative emotions so that the head does not break down

You can’t escape negative emotions, but you can release them. By utilizing these kinds of imagery exercises, you can stop feeding your emotions and making them bigger. If you focus too much on anger, you may end up doing something you regret later.

These methods may seem like a ridiculous way to deal with emotions, but they will definitely be helpful on more than one occasion. Don’t think how silly they seem – save this mockery of negative emotions. If you think about it this way, you will be able to get rid of the burden of negativity and bad thoughts. Your imagination is more powerful than you imagine.

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